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Clny Token (January 2022) Price, Chart & How To Buy?

Looking for details of Clny Token? This writing will help you with all the information on this crypto coin.

Do you also come across other news related to cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is fascinating us all a lot. We all are willing to invest in different crypto coins to generate passive income. It takes a lot of effort to understand everything about the coin and invest in it to ensure benefits and profits.

In this new writing, we talk about the coin popular in the United States; let us know about its price, statistics, and future prediction of Clny Token.

More About Clny Crypto

Clny, this abbreviation stands for Mars colony crypto, which is popular all around the United States; this crypto coin is a hybrid token with many attributes of utility and different government tokens. 

This is a decentralized governance token working with a unique aim. This crypto coin is a futuristic projection, and it will provide multiple functioning in the games.

Circulating supply of the crypto coin is not available, with a maximum supply of 144,799,987 CLNY coins. However, this Clny Token will fund many futuristic projects in the future. 

Founders’ Details 

Exact and clear details about the founders and team of the crypto coin are not available, even not on the coin’s official website; we will have to wait for some more time to find exact details about the coin’s founders.

Price Chart

Today the price of the crypto coin is $17.00; the coin price is almost 14.92% high in the last 24hour. So, if you wish, you can invest in the coin for now.

Statistical Details  

The statistics chart of the Clny Token helps you to get a better perspective about the crypto coin:

  • Price change percentage-14.92%
  • Price change $2.21
  • Market rank-#8922
  • Fully diluted market cap-$2,639,983,695.35
  • Market cap percentage-23.22%
  • 24h high $13.28 
  • 24h low $29.52

Statistics are a very important part of any coin, hence keenly observe them to ensure the profits.

Where To Buy It?

It is very simple to buy this crypto coin, follow this simple procedure and buy the crypto coin:

  • First, pick a platform from where you can buy this Clny Token, as this coin is available on almost all the official exchanges.
  • To buy the coin from Gate, i.o., website, you can first go to the official website.
  • Create your account on an exchange or log in.
  • After this search for the clny crypto.
  • Now exchange it with the official coin like dogecoin, bitcoin, etc.
  • At last, you can also buy it through direct USD.
  • Store it in any hardware wallet after linking it with the official exchange and start trading.
  • Also, you can purchase this crypto coin from its official website directly through the official wallet you use for trading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Clny Token

Q1. What is the volume market cap of the website?

A1. Volume market cap is 0.0000002

Q2. What is the official contract address of this crypto>?

A2. The official contract address is 0x0D625029E21540aBdfAFa3BFC6FD44fB4e0A66d0

Q3. What is the official link to the coin?

A3. The official link is https://marscolony.io/

Wrapping It Up

Seeing the price chart and statistics details of the crypto coin, we can conclude that it is showing great performance; you can invest in the crypto after researching and get maximum benefits. You may know more about the crypto coin here.  

Please share your views about Clny Token with us in the comment section. Follow here to learn about the crypto scams and how to avoid them.

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