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Claudine Gay Husband: Is She Married? Who Is Her Partner? Curious To Know Spouse Details! Check Wikipedia To Know Age & Family Details!

In this post, we will discuss the life of Claudine Gay Husband and her recently selection as Harvard University’s next President.

Have you heard about the next appointed President of Harvard University, Claudine Gay? This post provides details about the next President, like her career and personal life information. Claudine is said to be taking up the office and starting her working term from next year. You can scroll down the post for more updates about the said individual. 

Claudine is trending in the United StatesRead the blog carefully if you want to know more about Claudine Gay HusbandFamily, and career in detail. Follow the blog for more updates. 


Disclaimer: This write-up does not promote any personality or celebrity. All the details present here are only for educational purposes. 

Is Claudine Gay Married? 

Since Claudine was announced as the next President of Harvard University, people started searching for her personal and professional life details to learn more about her. On 15h December 2022, a post was shared on Harvard’s official page announcing the new President of the Institution. 

Claudine is 30th in the line of Presidents, the first black woman and the second woman to take up the office after Lawrence Bacow. As per the sources, Claudine has been Married to Dr Christopher Afendulis and has a son. You can learn more about Claudine from the social media links below. 

Who is Claudine Gay?


Who is Claudine Gay

Claudine is a 52 years old woman of African American descent born and raised in the United StatesClaudine graduated from Standford in 1992, taking Economics as a subject, also earning the Anna Laura Myers award for presenting the best thesis as an undergraduate student. 

Later, in 1998, Claudine took up a PH. D degree for post-graduation from Harvard University. She also earned the Toppan Prize for best dissertation of Political science. 

Claudine Gay details in brief 

Claudine’s Partner is from the medical field, Dr Christopher Afendulis, and she is also a cousin of a famous author Roxane Gay. Gay has worked for the Political science department of Standford University as an assistant professor for nearly six years. 

Afterwards joined Harvard as a dean in July 2015 of social science. In August 2018, Claudine joined the Edgerly family’s dean of arts and science faculty.

She also wrote a book in 2001 on “The Effect of Minority Districts” and “Minority Representation on Political Participation in California.” Recently she was elected as the 30th President of Harvard University.

Claudine Gay Wikipedia:

  • Name: Claudine Gay
  • Age:52
  • Date of birth: 4th August 1970.
  • SpouseDr Christopher Afendulis
  • Profession: Political scientist and Professor 
  • Net Worth: $10 million
  • Children: 1 son

Social media links:

Final summary

Claudine is a talented woman and has been a part of the University board for a long time. After careful consideration, the board took the decision, and she is the best candidate for the position now. 

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Claudine Gay Husband: FAQs

Q1. Who is Claudine Gay? 

Claudine is a very talented Political scientist and has been working as a professor.

Q2. Who is the husband of Claudine Gay?

Her husband is Dr Christopher Afendulis.

Q3. How old is Claudine Gay? 

Since Claudine was born on 4th August 1970, she is 52 years old. 

Q4. When is Claudine due to join the office as a President at Harvard University? 

Claudine will be joining the office next year on 1st July 2023.

Q5. Who are the members of Claudine’s Family? 

Claudine is a cousin and sister of a famous writer, Roxane Gay. Her Family consists of her father who has served in the US Army Engineers corps, and her mother was a nurse. 

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