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Claudia Iacono Obituary: Who Is Her Husband? Explore Her Full Wiki Details Along With Age, Parents, Net worth, Height & More

The article explains Claudia and the incident that led her to lose her life. People can obtain more information by reading Claudia lacono Obituary.

Who was Claudia Lacono? Who shot her, and what happened to her? Who is Claudia’s husband? When she died? Claudia was from Canada, and people were pouring their thoughts about the loss. Did you try to get any of the information related to Claudia? If not, without delay, read the below article and know more details regarding Claudia lacono Obituary.


Who was Claudia lacono?

Claudia is from Canada. She was the owner of Salon Deauville. A well-known name in Montreal’s beauty sector was Claudia lacono. She turned Salon Deauville into a recognised establishment and was renowned for her enthusiasm and commitment. She developed loyal customers because of her talents and kind attitude. Her Husband was Anthony Gallo.

What happened to Claudia?

The life of Claudia lacono ended when she was shot dead on a fateful day in Montreal. The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon, may 16th, 2023, as Claudia was driving on rue Jean-Talon, near rue de la Savane, and came under fire when striking a building. Police discovered that at least one bullet had struck the woman when they arrived. The Montreal Police Service conducted a thorough investigation. The Age was 39 years. Claudia lacono’s tragic death was interrogated to determine who the killer was and why the crime was committed. 

Investigations by the department

It seems likely that the murderer or murderers might have followed the victim. It has been reported that a suspect escaped on foot. Whether the victim was the intended victim must be determined by the Major Crimes Unit of the Montreal Police Department. Law enforcement officials diligently gather evidence and witness testimony to bring justice to this case. An Instagram link was provided to know more about public thoughts. The investigation into the shooting is still ongoing, so details remain sparse. A remarkable woman has been lost to this devastating event, leaving friends and family grieving. 

People’s Reaction to Claudia lacono’s Death

The tragic death of Claudia lacono has deeply affected the community in Montreal. Her friends, clients, and employees are mourning the loss of a compassionate and talented individual. Tributes poured in, highlighting the positive impact she made on the lives of those around her.


  • Name: Claudia lacono
  • Age: 39 years
  • Died on: May 16th 2023
  • Husband: Anthony Gallo
  • Owner of: Salon Deauville
  • Net worth: unknown
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Parents: Unknown

CrocLeReporteur was the person who declared the loss on social media platforms and provided updates on Twitter. She reportedly passed away as a consequence of the injuries that she sustained after getting shot five times right in front of her store. Parents are worrying about the loss.

About Claudia husband

Claudia lacono, the Deauville salon’s owner and Anthony Gallo’s spouse. Gallo’s father’s name was Moreno Gallo. Gallo, tragically shot in Acapulco in 2013, was implicated in the horrifying murder this afternoon in Montreal. Since he was expelled from Canada in January 2012 due to serious criminal activity, Anthony has been living in Mexico. Net worth information was not available..

More details on Claudia

The Montreal community grieves following the tragic and premature death of Salon Deauville owner Claudia lacono. Her family, friends, and the neighbourhood eagerly await the results of the ongoing investigations. The kindness, professionalism, and passion that Claudia lacono embodied will live on in her legacy as a successful businesswoman and a lovely person. Height & More was in the article.

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As per online sources, Claudia lacono died on May 16th 2023 on Tuesday. The victim of a tragic shooting that happened in Montreal has been identified as Claudia lacono. Claudia lacono was the owner of the Salon Deauville. She got shot five times, which led to death. Get more information about Claudia online.

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Claudia lacono Biography- FAQ

Q1. When Claudia died?

Claudia passed away on May 16th 2023.

Q2. What was the reason behind Claudia’s death?

The reason for the death was Claudia got shot five times in front of the store.

Q3. What was Claudia’s age?

Claudia was 39 years old.

Q4. Who was the husband of Claudia?

Claudia’s husband’s name is Anthony Gallo.

Q5. What was Claudia’s net worth?

The net worth of Claudia was unknown.

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