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Cirus Crypto (Sep) Price, Prediction & Contact Address!

This guide is about Cirus Crypto, a platform aggregating the users’ data, and the Confluence Network of the digital currency connecting sellers with buyers.

Cirus, the newly emerged platform, is a straightforward but powerful platform, where your data is turned into cryptocurrency. 

The Cirus Confluence, the Cirus Core Platform, and the Cirus Device work together to provide consumers real control of the data streams they generate. It is a single step on-ramp to the virtual economy that utilizes the users’ data as the entrance point. 

Many users Worldwide are amazed by the launch of Cirus Crypto and seek more information. So, please check the guide to know about Cirus.

What is a Cirus token?

Cirus is an emerging platform that enables you to earn, monetize, and control directly from your data. 

This portal unlocks your data assets, offering periodic revenue and serve as a point of entry to the virtual economy through connections to flat off-ramps, Network rewards, and Defi. 

Any user can access the platform and avail themselves of the advantages of data ownership.

A WiFi router or Cirus Device can also enhance your earnings across every internet-connected gadget at your place because it is your data, and you have its own.

Price chart of Cirus Crypto:

  • Price- ₱55.41
  • 24 Hours low- ₱46.17  
  • 24 Hours High- ₱ 59.91
  • 24 Hours Trading Volume- ₱509 174 338 
  • All-time High- 86.34 
  • All-time Low- ₱23.05
  • Market Cap Dominance- 0.00% 
  • Total Supply- 250 000 000
  • Market Rank- Not Available
  • Contract Address- 0xa01199c61841fce3b3dafb83fefc1899715c8756

CIRUS Price Prediction and Statics:

The current price of CIRUS token is about ₱55.41 with twenty-four hours trading volume of approximately ₱ 509 174 338. 

The price of this crypto token is up by around 14.2% in the past twenty-four hours. Besides, its circulating supply is 0 CIRUS coins with a 250 million total supply.

Who founded CIRUS? 

Daniel Blan is the founder and CEO of the Cirus platform and Cirus Crypto. The team also shared the details of the Cirus platform on its release and the safelisting procedure for ZENDIT and Scaleswap.

Besides, Gil Amelio, the former CEO of Apple, also joined the Cirus as a Senior Advisor.

CIRUS to PHP Conversion Rate:

  • 1 CIRUS = 55.51 PHP
  • 2 CIRUS = 110.82 PHP
  • 3 CIRUS = 166.23 PHP
  • 4 CIRUS = 221.64 PHP
  • 5 CIRUS = 277.04999999999995 PHP
  • 10 CIRUS = 554.0999999999999 PHP
  • 50 CIRUS = 2770.5 PHP
  • 100 CIRUS = 5541 PHP

Is the CIRUS token a good investment?

Taking advantage of the opportunities of full-stack scaling solutions, consumers can have access to a Cirus Crypto wallet instantly for low-cost and fast transfers from data monetization and a simple and powerful interface.

The software back end securely processes user-authorized data before monetization through various channels.

Data revenues are subsequently returned to the user via the Cirus Token. However, you must go through Cirus’ profitability scope before trading.

How to buy CIRUS?

  • You must create a Metamask wallet to purchase a CIRUS over Uniswap.
  • Deposit the required amount of ETH (Ethereum) or other tokens in your address.
  • Connect to Uniswap.
  • Tap on the “Select a token” to choose CIRUS.
  • You can also paste the contract address of Cirus Crypto and initiate trading.

What are the FAQs?

Q-What is the contract address of the CIRUS token?

  1. The contract address of CIRUS token is 0xa01199c61841fce3b3dafb83fefc1899715c8756.

Q- What is the all-time high of the CIRUS token?  

  • The all-time high of CIRUS tokens is approximately 86.34. Besides, read here to know the complete details about the CIRUS token


Cirus is a data ownership online platform that pays the consumers for their own data through Cirus, the not-for-profit foundation. 

The Citrus browser extension was founded in 2020, allowing users to decide how much data they need to sell. It also employs data technology. 

However, explore more about Cirus Crypto before investing. Besides, the payment is made through CIRUS coins.  Also, read extra facts about the Common Cryptocurrency Scams And How To Avoid them.

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