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[Watch Video] Christian Craighead Nairobi Footage: What Is In The Clip? Check If His Wikipedia Page Available

What is Christian Craighead Nairobi Footage? What is the Wikipedia Story and Video about this topic? Check Here!

Why is Christian Craighead Nairobi Footage trending? Who is Christian Craighead? Why is he so famous? What happened in the DusitD2 complex in Kenya in 2019? Why are people still searching for the information in this article? People from the United States are remembering the incident today. Thus, we will discuss the details of the terror attack today. 

Christian Craighead Nairobi Footage

A terror attack in Kenya’s Westlands, Nairobi, happened from 15 January to 16 January 2019. People might have forgotten about the incident, but no one has forgotten the hero of the incident. Who came to rescue everyone and Christian instantly became the talk of the town after that incident. 

Many people thought this to be a story and not a real thing. But when the footage of Craighead went viral, people were impressed with his courage as he saved many lives that day. It was all because of his awareness and his sense of the situation. To this date, people are searching for the footage of him from the attack. 

Christian Craighead Nairobi Footage

Christian Craighead Wikipedia

Netizens want to get the details of the hero of that day. Thus, they are searching for his Wikipedia details. But unfortunately, there is no Wikipedia page on Christian Craighead. People still want to watch the moment when he entered the complex building in Nairobi to counterattack. There was a picture of Craighead that went viral. 

He was a British SAS commando who happened to be in the city for some training. He answered the emergency call and entered the building with a rifle. People also talk a lot about his different-looking rifle. He rescued civilians and evacuated them one by one. This was the Christian Craighead Story.

Christian Craighead Wikipedia

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Reason Behind the Incident 

The Al-Shabaab terror group claimed responsibility for the attack. The reason for the attack was mentioned as ‘The decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.’ The attack came as retaliation towards the decision. The attack took 22 lives, and many were injured. 

It has been five years since the attack took place. There was another reason behind the attack. It was the involvement of Kenya in the Somali Civil War. The five attackers were also killed in the aftermath. Out of which few attackers killed themselves. Or the phenomenon popularly known as the suicide bombing. 

Christian Craighead Video & More

The Video and footage of Christian Craighead were the trending topics. Even more than the attack itself. He even tried to publish a book on his involvement in the attack. There is also a character of him in the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. The game was released in 2019, and a character named ‘Otter’ was based on Christian Craighead. His book was never published, as the court did not allow it to be published in public. 


In today’s article on Christian Craighead Wikipedia, people wanted to know all about the hero from the incident. It was a terror attack that happened in the Westlands of Kenya in 2019. It was due to political tension and Kenya’s involvement in the Somalian Civil War. The Al-Shabaab group claimed the attack. It happened from 15th to 16th January 2019. There is no Wikipedia page for Christian Craighead. Here is the Wikipedia page for the attack details; click here and read everything.

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