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Christian Chavez Suicidio: Check Full Details On Rbd Photos From twitter

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José Christian Chávez Garza is a popular singer, songwriter, and actor. He is a Mexican singer with a huge fan base in the United States and Mexico. He was initially a part of RBD music group, which was started in 2004 as a Mexican Latin pop group and sold over 15 million records before their separation in 2009. Thus, he was a part of the best-selling Latin music group of all time! Then, why did Christian Chavez Suicidio?


Why did Christian attempt suicide?

The sad incident of Christian attempting suicide dates back to Thursday, 10th October, 2013. Christian posted three pictures on his Twitter account related to the suicide attempt. Two pictures show more than four cuts on his right hand and blood coming from them. The third picture shows Christian laying on the floor after drinking.

However, Christian did not die. The self-inflicted injuries on his hand were not deep cuts. Hence, Christian survived. On the same day, the pictures went viral, and some of the sources on the internet and twitter pages informed that the pictures were fake.

Responding to misleading news, Christian posted a video on Twitter and YouTube. Christian said that the images were real and he had attempted suicide! 

Reasons for attempting suicide:

In 2013, Christian revealed that he was going through tough times and was stressed. In 2013, Christian was arrested for domestic violence with his boyfriend, Ben Kruger. Both were living together in Beverly Hills. Their breakup was painful for Christian.

Christian had to attend a series of court sessions where Kruger accused Christian of attempting to kill him. At the same time, Christian accused Kruger of domestic violence. Let’s check Rbd Photos further below. After a month passed by, Christian released a song dedicated to his ex-boyfriend, Kruger. 

Later in 2015, Christian, on a TV show, said that he attempted suicide because he was losing his values; he felt disappointed about what his family had dreamed about him and where he stands now; he felt worthless, like garbage.

During the TV show, Christian also revealed that – Anahí Giovanna Puente Portilla, a cast member of RBD, supported him during this times and made him understand that real friends and brothers never leave your life. 

When Anahí saw the Christian Chavez Suicidio pictures on Twitter, she came to the rescue of Christian, broke open that door, and saved Christian. He remembered Anahí angered Christian for his act.

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Christian’s career fell apart when he was in his 20s! He had a toxic relationship and lost his reputation when his career was at its peak. It resulted in stress and an attempt to suicide. Christian is alive and made it to trending news after posting sensational pictures with a good physique in 2021 and recently received an offer to rejoin RBD!

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Christian Chavez Suicidio – FAQ

1Q. What is the age of Christian?

Christian is 39 years, 7 months, and 3 days old.

2Q. Who are the parents of Christian?

Luis Chavez is Christian’s father, and Oliva Garza is his mother.

3Q. Is Christian Married?

Yes, after marriage between the same gender became legal in Canada, Christian married William John Murphy in 2005. But they separated in 2009. 

4Q. Does Christian have any kids?


5Q. What is the ethnicity, nationality, and religion of Christian?

Christian is a Mexican. He holds Mexican citizenship and is a Christian.

6Q. How much is the net worth of Christian Chavez Suicidio?

$1.3 million.

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