Chris Williamson Crypto (June) Man Becomes Trillionaire!

Chris Williamson Crypto (June) Man Becomes Trillionaire!

Chris Williamson Crypto (June) Man Becomes Trillionaire! >> The guide shares details about the news that is spreading online for the unpredicted price hike.

Imagine sleeping at night like an average American student and waking up the next morning as a rich man with trillions of bank balance. Yes, it is true with Christopher Williamson, a Georgia nursing school student. He wakes up to see trillions of money in his Crypto app on Tuesday morning. 

Chris invested his $20 into the Rocket Bunny Crypto on Monday night, and when he wakes up the next day on Tuesday, he notices that the value has soared to #1.4 trillion overnight.

Who is Chris Williamson?

Christopher Williamson or Chris is the Georgia nursing school student who invests in cryptocurrency. He is a student from Manchester, Georgia and prefers investing in crypto tokens and coins with his trusted exchange Coinbase. 

Chris invested $20 into Rocket Bunny coin on Monday evening and wake up the next day to see a price hike of $1.4 trillion, and he was amazed after seeing the profit in the Coinbase trading app. He immediately attempted to transfer the profit to another wallet for withdrawal. However, he failed in his attempt as Chris Williamson Crypto was not displaying the same price.

He immediately approached the trading app admin and got a short answer that some issue displayed the hiked price falsely. He even approached Rocket Bunny coin for an answer but didn’t receive any reply. People in the United Kingdom and the United States were amazed and wanted to know about Chris Williamson Crypto.

Market Capitalization Analysis of Rocket Bunny Coin

Rocket Bunny is the DeFi Crypto token used in the largest Rocket Bunny ecosystem of dApps, including Rocket Swap, Rocket Drop and Rocket Labs. Every transaction of the token rewards the holders and heightens its price floor via LP locks without staking. 

As per the reports, on the research on Chris Williamson Crypto, the price of Rocket Bunny Coin is $0.000000000031 with the downward price trend of 13.6% in the last 24 hrs.. The coin has registered a trading volume of $193 513 in the last 24 hrs. The DeFi token has the maximum circulating supply of 777 Quadrillion coins.

As mentioned, each transaction offers 4% of the tax in four equal parts. Thus, 1% goes to the holder, 1% burned, 1% is locked in LP, and 1% goes as profit to the provider. As the trading volume increases, the amount burned logically heightens, leading to a decline in the total supply. 

What is the News of Chris Williamson Crypto All About?

News about a nursing school student circulated online after he found himself a trillionaire on Tuesday morning. His name is Christopher Williamson, and he is a nursing student from Manchester, Georgia. 

After he has seen the price hike of the coin he purchased for $20 on Coinbase, he rushed to the trading app to transfer the currency to another wallet for withdrawal. However, the price showing at the time transfer was not the same, and hence he approached the Coinbase app.

They promptly replied to him, saying that they are into it and trying to fix the issue. Later, the crypto investor informed about the increased Chris Williamson Crypto on Twitter, and the news went viral after that.       


What is the Official Site of Rocket Bunny?

  1. You can check all the details at

What is the Contract Address to Buy It?

  1. Use 0x3Ea50B7Ef6a7eaf7E966E2cb72b519C16557497c as the contract address.

What is the Trading Volume of Rocket Bunny?

  1. The trading volume recorded in 24 hrs is $193 513


Manchester, Georgia, a student invested $20 into a fringe crypto token, Rocket Bunny. Then, on Tuesday morning, he was surprised to see his investment heightened 65 billion times more.

But, soon discovered that it was an error on the trading app, and he took the social media to share the rumor of Chris Williamson Crypto price.

Do you have any updates regarding the price hike of the coin? Please share in the comment section. Moreover, please check here for the best apps to buy crypto in 2021.

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