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This write-up discusses Chris Redd Kenan Thompson Wife to inform users about a long-term relationship of a celebrity that broke and new started.

Is Christina dating Redd? As per reports, people across the United States and other places are talking about Christina and Redd.  

Christina Evangeline, the estranged wife of Kenan Thompson, is currently seen in a relationship with Chris Redd, former co-star of Saturday Night Live. In this guide below, let’s read more about Christina and her relationship with Chris Redd Kenan Thompson Wife.


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Are Christina and Chris Redd in a relationship?

The informant claims that Chris and Christina, 33, who met “before Redd initiated performing in SNL,” began a relationship at the start of the year and that they’ve been long-time friends. They have always shared a tight bond. 

During a few of the most challenging circumstances of her existence, he stood beside her the past year. She seemed to be more pleased than ever. Her connection with Chris is lovely and typical, according to the source from Reddit.

Are Kenan and Christina staying together?

After Christina and Chris were spotted out together in New York City the week before Chris declared he wouldn’t be back for the 48th season of SNL, a few fans believed that Kenan was responsible for Chris’ firing.

Kenan and Christina planned to be divorced in 2019 and lead different lifestyles. In their six years of friendship, Christina and Chris, who both co-starred on Kenan’s NBC sitcom, have maintained a high level of respect, as per Twitter.

What is the reason behind Kenan’s not returning to SNL

What is the reason behind Kenan’s not returning to SNL?

According to reports, it is not close to the reality, who claim that Chris decided to depart due to several impending endeavors, such as an HBO Max stand-up special and a collaboration with Lorne Michaels for an Audible project.

Thompson is conscious of his ex-relationship with Redd but doesn’t take it personally because he has stepped out and is constantly seeing other individuals. Christina’s Net worth is 800k USD.

Will Christina and Kenan have joint parenting?

Christina and Kenan decided to terminate their 11-year wedding early this year. The star then filed paperwork to make the separation official in May 2022. Besides, 

Christina and Kenan decided to divide custody. They still have a good relationship as co-parents and intend to spend the holidays and their girls’ birthdays together.

Also, the couple still supports each other even after deciding to part ways. They have been on friendly terms, and their divorce is pending.

Christina Wiki:

  • Name – Christina Evangeline
  • Date of Birth- March 24, 1989
  • Age- 33 years
  • Nationality- American
  • Children- Gianna Michelle Thompson and Georgia Marie Thompson
  • Ex-spouse- Kenan Thompson
  • Recent Relationship- Chris Redd
  • Height & More– 5 feet 5 inches

Why are Christina and Kenan in the headlines?

In June, Kenan Thompson declared separation from his long-term wife, Christina Evangeline, but little else was reported on the subject after the original announcement. In Hollywood, divorces are common; however, when rumors that she was seeing Chris Redd, his SNL co-star, surfaced a few weeks earlier, the audience became much more intrigued. 

There aren’t many topics that individuals appreciate discussing as much as a failed relationship. Yet, if the most recent stories are to be trusted, this relationship breakdown is much less complicated than it appears in writing.

Did Chris and His Girlfriend Kenan return to the show?

Unlike Chris Redd, Kenan Thompson returned to Saturday Night Live for his 20th season. Two weeks earlier, Season 48 featured a few intriguing new hosts. 

He has stated that he intends to remain a minimum of until the show’s approaching 50th season, during which we can anticipate ceremonies and possibly a minimum of one episode of the cherished old members of the cast returning.

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Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson are the talk of the town as Christina dating with Chris became public. You may watch more on Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd here.

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Chris Redd Kenan Thompson Wife: FAQs

Q1. How are Christina and Kenan related?

Christina is Kenan’s ex-wife.

Q2. When was Christina born?

March 24, 1989

Q3. Who is Christina’s ex-spouse?

Kenan Thompson

Q4. Who are Christina’s Parents?

George Melitides and Dem Melitides.

Q5. What is Christina’s Age?

33 years

Q6. How long was Christina associated with Kenan?

11 years

Q7. Who is Chris Redd to Christina?

Christina is Chris Redd’s Girlfriend.

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