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[Updated] Chris Moyer Murderer: Read To Know Why Did He Kill His Family

Chris Moyer Murderer is a write-up explaining the details of a tragic killing case in June 2011.

Do you know about the Chris Moyer Case? Why did Chris kill his family? In this article, we will discuss an unfortunate murder case that happened in 2011. A man from the United States murdered his wife and son and then committed suicide.

Although there is no recent update or development in the case, the news is still trending. And for more updates, follow us. Read the write-up on Chris Moyer Murderer.


Details On The News

On 17th June 2011, Christopher Moyer from Warrington, Pennsylvania, killed his 39-year-old wife and 7-year-old son. And later in the night, he committed suicide by throwing himself in front of a train. But before killing himself, he called 911 to report the double murder he had committed.  

On the night of 17th June, around 9:30 pm, Chris called 911. He calmly reported to the operator that his wife and son had died because he had killed them. After the conversation, Moyer even said “Thank You” in a kind tone. But by the time police reached his home, he was not there.

Why Did He Kill His Family?

When the case was unearthed, everyone was shocked and wanted a logical explanation for the murder. Because neither was he bad behaviour towards his family nor under the influence of toxic or any other substance. 

After the extensive investigation and study of the evidence collected from Moyer’s house, police concluded that Moyer did this horrific act due to financial troubles. He would have thought that this was the only option to end their misery. 

Police found records of a lien on his family house that the state had filed. Because they had avoided some foreclosure in the past, his financial problems made Chris Moyer Murderer. 

Details On Moyer Family

Irina Geller Moyer was 39 years old, Dylan Moyer was seven years old, and Chris was forty-four. They lived in Warrington Township. Irina, a Ukraine native, and Chris got married in 2002. 

As per the neighbours, Moyers was a quiet and private family, as they didn’t participate much in the community. But Chris and Irina loved their young boy, and nobody would have thought that Chris would do something like this.

According to Dylan’s teacher, he used to spend more time with his grandparents. On the evening of the 17th, Chris was supposed to drop off Dylan at his grandparent’s house. 

Chris Moyer Murderer And How Did He Killed His Family?

As per the investigation, Chris attacked his wife and son while asleep. He slammed his wife’s head with a baseball bat until she died, and then he did the same with his son. He transported Irina’s body to the bathroom and wrapped a towel on her face.

The baseball bat was lying next to his son’s body, and both had severe head injuries, due to which they passed away. After which, he went to SEPTA Tracks, Hatboro and lay there with his head on the railway track. After three hours, police discovered his body in the tracks.  


Chris Moyer Murderer write-up elaborated on all the details of the incident on 17th June 2011. Chris Moyer, aged 44, killed his son and wife and then killed himself. The reason behind his heinous act was said to be financial problems (as per police investigation). 

Another reason by not likely as they were a happy and loving family with no major flaws, as explained by the people around them. For more details, click here.

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Chris Moyer Murderer- FAQs

Q1. What was the reason behind the killing?

As per the investigation by police, Chris was going through a financial crisis.

Q2. When did Chris Moyer kill his family?

He killed his wife and son on the night of 17th June 2011.

Q3. Where did Moyer reside?

Their house was in the Township of Warrington, Pennsylvania.

Q4. What was the time when Chris called 911?

He called 911 at 9:40 pm and reported his crime.

Q5. What was the name of Moyer’s son and wife?

The name of his son was Dylan Moyer. His wife was Irina Geller Moyer.

Q6. How did Chris Moyer Murderer die?

He died by laying his head on the railway track.

Q7. How did he kill his family?

He killed them while they were asleep. Chris attacked his wife and son with a bat.

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