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Chris Cash LinkedIn: Who Is China Research Group,? Get Parliament Related Details Now!

In the post below, we discuss Chris Cash LinkedIn and why it is trending across the internet with other facts associated with this account.

Do you remember a twenty-year-old man who was arrested in Edinburgh? Many of you were still unaware of the story behind the two men arrested last year. The arrest of these men has taken a new twist in the story. Recently, the name of the person who was arrested has been revealed.

Since the man’s name has been revealed, people across Indonesia and worldwide are curious to know more details about him. Therefore, everyone is searching for Chris Cash LinkedIn account to get every detail related to the story.

Disclaimer- All the information in this post is derived from the internet; thus, we are not responsible for any fake news. However, this post is for educational purposes only. 

What is Chris Cash’s LinkedIn account?   

Recently, sources have revealed that the person arrested last year for spying is Chris Cash. Since this news came, everyone has been curious to know more details about him; therefore, everyone is looking for the person on the LinkedIn account of the particular person. However, the profile with this name doesn’t exist now as the profile has a dead link. 

Since the news came that the spy arrested last year from the United States was Chris Cash, everyone has been curious to know who is Chris Cash. The authorities have shared further details about him, so stay connected with this post till the end to know every detail related to him.

Details about Chris Cash

According to the authorities, the two men arrested from Edinburgh last year were Chris Cash. The authorities also shared that he works as a researcher in Britain’s parliament. Reports suggest that Chris shared a good bond with the ministers of China Research Group. 

He also has links with the Foreign Affairs Committee chair Alicia Kearns, Security Minister Tom Tugendhat, and other ministers. Since this news came out this weekend, everyone has been looking for detailed information about the Chris Cash China Research Group. 

The reports suggest that Chris was recruited as a spy while working and living in China. Then, he returned to the United Kingdom to gain information about the dangerous political networks of the Beijing regime.

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When Chris Cash was arrested?

In March, two men were arrested from their home in Edinburg. One man was in his late twenties, and another was in his thirties. The police arrested these men under the Official Secrets Act, but they got bail later in October.

The Sun tabloid recently revealed that one of its political reporters’ identities matched him on the dating app. As per the Sunday Times, the man arrested last March was Chris Cash, working in the parliament of Britain as a researcher. Thus, people also browse Chris Cash Parliament on the browser widely.

The information mentioned above is based on the information claimed by the newspapers and other sources. There is no official statement from the court or authorities that the man arrested last year is Chris Cash, and he is working in the Britain parliament. However, if you want to know more, you can check out the social media links below.

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China spy suspect is parliamentary aide Chris Cash
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Chris Cash’s LinkedIn account is trending across the internet because sources claim that the person arrested in March under the Official Secrets Act is Chris Cash. However, there is no official announcement that the person is Chris Cash.

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