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Chinese Spy Balloon Tracker Live: What Decision Is Taken By The Us President After Detecting Its Path? Is The Pictures Trending On Reddit? Know The Truth!

This article provides information related to the Chinese Spy Balloon Tracker Live and tells about the updated facts related to the news.  

Do you know about the news of the Chinese balloon tracker over the Pentagon? Recently, news of a Chinese spy balloon that got tracked at the Pentagon went viral on the internet. The readers are from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom

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What’s the matter with the Chinese Spy Balloon?

A giant surveillance balloon was spotted in the United States, which was first seen in Montana and said that the balloon belonged to China. The news creates tension between the United States and China as the Pentagon is looking for the answers to this act. 

Chinese Balloon Reddit

The news got viral, and the readers can find the links on different social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter and Instagram. Everyone is eager to know the next step taken by the United States and the defence team regarding the situation. 

It is not the first time that China has used the surveillance balloon. Earlier, China used the trick to infiltrate sensitive US military sites. Then, however, the plan failed as a senior Pentagon official spotted everything and notified the officials. 

What are the views of the Chinese minister on the scene?

After the Chinese Spy Balloon Pictures got published on different platforms, China’s foreign minister admitted that the balloon belonged to their country but was not a spy balloon.

According to the minister’s interviews, the balloon was a civilian research balloon that caused no harm to anyone. Reports state that the US defence team was ready to shoot down the balloon for security purposes but stopped for more investigation. 

The reaction of the US after spotting the balloon

When the balloon was spotted in the sky, the US launched F-22 to take down the balloon and eliminate the threat. The agency checked the Chinese Spy Balloon Path and took the necessary action. 

US president Joe Biden was briefed constantly about the situation and was part of every discussion related to the spy balloon. 

What was the path of the Chinese Spy Balloon?

The balloon was spotted in Montreal, and it is believed to exit from the east coast of the United States by Saturday morning. The NOAA weather model makes the assumption. 

The latest trajectory of the balloon shows that it is moving towards Kentucky. By Chinese Spy Balloon Tracker Live, it is assumed that the balloon will reach the east coach and passes the sea in southeast Carolina. 

We will update the article for our readers if we get more updates related to the Chinese spy balloon.

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The balloon is in the US and will pass the territory on Saturday evening. Therefore, let’s see what will be the action of the US and how China will handle the situation peacefully. 

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Chinese Spy Balloon Tracker Live– FAQs

1: Where was the balloon first spotted?

A: The balloon was first spotted in Montreal.

2: Who is the foreign minister of China?

A: Mao Ning

3: Why did the US not shoot down the balloon?

A: The US decided not to shoot down the balloon because the debris fell on the city.

4: When did the President’s first brief happen?

A: Tuesday 

5: What is the size of the balloon?

A: Size of the balloon is compared to two to three buses.

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