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Chinese Spy Balloon Reddit: Discover Complete Details On Chinese Spy Balloon TWITTER

This post on Chinese Spy Balloon Reddit will provide you with details on the Chinese Spy balloon which is spotted in the US.

Do you know about Chinese balloons? Chinese balloon is in news nowadays as a Chinese Spy Balloon has been spotted in South America. Citizens of the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom are curious to know about the Chinese Spy balloon. The news is viral on various platforms including Reddit. In this post, you will learn all the details of the suspicious Chinese balloon.

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Chinese balloon in Reddit

Chinese Spy Balloon is spotted once again in the US. The balloon is spotted once again in parts of the US. The first Chinese balloon was visible on 1 February in the US. One day after the first Chinese balloon was spotted, the same creature was spotted again in Latin America. The first balloon was spotted in Montana. 

The news has been published on various news platforms. You can also watch the photos of the Chinese Spy balloons on Reddit. The balloon seems suspicious and the officials have also investigated it from China. 

Chinese Spy Balloon TWITTER

Chinese Spy Balloon photos are spreading on several online sites and social platforms. The Chinese Spy Balloon looks like a white balloon with an object inside it. The Chinese Balloon was first spotted on 1 February and after a day a second balloon was spotted. The officials have investigated the balloon and confirmed that it is from China.

The photos of the Chinese Spy Balloon are viral on Twitter. Several Twitter accounts have posted Chinese balloon photos. The balloon seems suspicious to several officials. As per some Twitter accounts, the officials are worried if they poke a hole in the balloon it may harm people.

Chinese Spy Balloon Reddit: Official’s statement

The US officials have referred Chinese Spy balloon as a massive surveillance balloon. They believe that the balloon is from China. The balloon was tracked when it flew over the Us. The Chinese ministry has claimed that the balloon is used for weather purposes. An official from China has said that it is a civilian balloon that is used for a meteorological motive. 

As per sources, China has also issued a regret statement and also blamed the winds which China called a Civilian airship. China claimed that the balloon has deviated from the route but as per the US officials, it is a surveillance device as per the Chinese Spy Balloon Reddit.

Where is the Chinese balloon spotted?

Chinese balloon was spotted in several parts of the US. The balloon is from China but the Chinese officials claimed that the balloon is used for meteorological pursuit. The balloon is reportedly a surveillance balloon. The size of the balloon is around the size of three buses. The officials are yet to decide on the Chinese Spy Balloon.

In a nutshell 

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Chinese Spy Balloon Reddit: Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is a Chinese Spy Balloon?

Ans. Chinese Spy Balloon is a surveillance balloon that is flying over different parts of the US. 

Q2. Why is a balloon is flying in the US?

Ans. As per Chinese officials, the balloon has changed direction because of the wind.  Additionally, they claimed that the balloon is used for meteorological purposes.

Q3. Did US officials take any action?

Ans. As per the reports, US officials are not poking the balloon as it can harm the public. Also, the Chinese Spy Balloon Reddit is tracked by the US. 

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