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In the discussed post on Chinese Man Put Cat in Blender, we put all the recent facts and updates that will help you to find more detail.

Have you heard about this terrific video? Has the person who made this horrible video been caught? This video went viral on the platform, and higher authorities have taken action against it. It has caught Worldwide attention. 

What can be the purpose of uploading this kind of terrific video? In the article, we will discuss Chinese Man Put Cat in Blender to get facts of this video.


Disclaimer- This article is written only for educational purposes. Here, we do not promote any terrific animal action. All the data was taken from the internet.

What about the Cat Blender video shot by a Chinese man?

A video titled Cat in Blender recently appeared online and quickly gained popularity on social media. Meanwhile, this video caused widespread outrage. According to some sources, well-known internet personality Xu Zhi Hui, who is a food blogger, is the one who allegedly put the cat in a blender. 

He is accused of killing cats for a long time and selling videos showing cat abuse on various chat platforms and forums. The behavior was horrifying, involving cruel techniques like dismemberment, cat nail cutting, and fire.

What is Cat in Blender Story?

You can see the video has been put in a blender and pushed until the cat died due to suffocation. The alarming video has spread like wildfire despite multiple websites getting strict community standards for sensitive content. The video horrified online users, who urged other users not to share it further.

Is the culprit arrested?

On April 27, 2023, Xui Zhihui was accused of harming the cat in a blender. Police detained him after several people complained about him.

Gets detail about: Cat in Blender Telegram

People are searching for video links on social sites, including Telegram. The footage is horrific, in which the cat is lifeless, and the blender is full of blood. Many people are trying to find the source of the video and looking for the culprit. This video was posted on Twitter.

People on Twitter and TikTok conveyed outrage and disgust over the disturbing video’s distribution, which showed a helpless cat being tortured in a blender. People demand action against the person who made this horrific content and posts online.

At first, it was claimed that Chinese authorities detained the person who created the Chinese Man Put Cat in Blender. There are questions, though, regarding whether the right person was apprehended.

The incidents took place in China. It’s challenging to determine whether the arrested person did commit the crime. Anhui-based food blogger and vlogger Xu Zhihui is thought to be the person behind the viral cat blender video. She is well-known on Chinese social media sites like Weibo and Bilibili.

Is this horrific video shared on Redditt?

The video went online on Redditt, but you cannot find its link and post with restrictions here. Only those viewers who are above 18.

Chinese Man Put Cat in Blender-

Internet users have been responding to the video as it circulates online. Several internet users lamented the video. Many people expressed how traumatized they were to witness the cat being beaten in the blender.

Social Media Links-




This video went viral within seconds and created a hot topic of discussion on the internet. However, many of the viewers are appealing not to watch and share it.

Did you watch it? Please tell us.

Chinese Man Put Cat in Blender-FAQs-

Q.1 Who has posted this video?

Ans- Unknown.

Q.2 Is there any action taken against this post?

Ans- A suspicious Twitter account was suspended.

Q.3 Where has it  been initially published?

Ans- On Twitter.

Q.4 Do authorities make any arrests?

Ans- Xui Zhihui.

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