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Child With Autism Missing Goes: How Many Autistic Children Go Missing?

Do you know How Many Autistic Children Go Missing? Canadian Child With Autism Missing Goes news and its relationship with this data have been discussed

Have you noticed the activities of autistic kids? They seemed to be different from the crowd of people, and in addition to that, those kids would be more vulnerable to unfortunate events.

So here in this article, we are going to explain a Canada news story where a child with autism is missing, which has stirred up the entire country, and even that news provides an extra light to the well-being of autistic kids, so kindly read this entire article “Child With Autism Missing Goes “to learn about more breath-taking information.

A Canadian Child With Autism Missing Goes

On January 9, 2024, A 7-year-old autistic kid named Zak went missing from his school, even though he had his supervisor. He entered the school and went missing from the school premises. He started to walk on the roads with heavy traffic, and thankfully, a person helped Zak find his school. 

And after 35 minutes, he returned to the school. When he left the school, he was wearing only a T-shirt and was fully trenched. No one knows what happened to Zak during his walk in the wooded areas, and Zak is suffering from a verbal ability problem, so he couldn’t address the whole incident.

How Many Autistic Children Go Missing?

The Zak missing case raised lots of concerns about the lives of autistic kids. The Ontario Autism Coalition has even requested that the government take action to help out the kids who have autism. 

In the meantime, the American Academy of Paediatrics released a shocking statement that kids who are suffering from autism seem to be missing in large numbers; nearly half of the children are going missing. The Answers to How Many Autistic Children Go Missing? must be very threatening for the parents of autistic kids.

How Many Autistic Children Go Missing

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Why do autistic children go missing?

One of the primary reasons is that autistic children want to be liberated; they feel uncomfortable working in a closed space with lots of people. They feel threatened inside, so they tend to escape from places easily. Even if we appoint a caretaker to track the activities of the children more carefully, the missing cases are still happening on a larger scale. 

Child With Autism Missing Goes is a massive issue in this recent scenario, and the world is also turning into a harsh place. Anything may happen to their lives, so this is considered a severe threat.

Why do autistic children go missing

Life after missing

Children who go missing are highly likely to be trapped in more significant problems like accidents, drowning, trafficking, etc. According to research by the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children and, How Many Autistic Children Go Missing? Data show that nearly 87% of children die by drowning in any waterbody. 

One main reason is that autism-prone kids don’t know about the depth of any bodies of water, so they quickly get drowned. Even in Zak’s case, he is thoroughly drenched in water, but thankfully, he didn’t drown in any bodies of water.

Life after missing


Thereby, the Child With Autism Missing Goes news stresses the urgency of taking action on this serious issue. According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, enrolling autistic kids in special care schools will help them feel more supportive as they will be surrounded by similar autistic kids so that they won’t feel alienated.

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