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Chickpoint101 com: What is This Website All About? Check Data Now!

The article Chickpoint101 com will give you precise assistance about this website program and help you to understand it.

Did you hear about The website offers various cyber security and hacking programs to avoid cybercrime. The Philippines will use this website and will be admired by the people. 

However, there is confusion about its spelling, and users search for it with the name Chickpoint101 comIn the below subject matter, we will study the facts of this trending topic.

Disclaimer- This article will teach you about a portal; we intend not to promote it. All facts are taken from internet sources.

A summary of Chickpoint101-

Customers who acquire new software appliances, support, and services from Checkpoint can purchase training. This one-day seminar will cover the basics of pen testing and how to identify and take advantage of flaws in various systems.

This introductory course will teach participants about pen testing, provide them with basic knowledge of the dangers and weaknesses of various systems, and give them an idea of how hackers think. Additionally, participants will get exposure to an online community that will serve as a learning environment to put the principles they have learned to work.

Is this website posted on Reddit?

The information about this website and its related courses will be discussed on Reddit. Moreover, many of the users are solving the queries of the newcomers who want to learn it by answering their comments. 

On the post, we found that many individuals are curious about it but are confused with the website name and are searching for Chickpoint101 instead of Chekpoint101. So, there is a lot of confusion about the genuine website offering a hacking learning program, checkpoint101.

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For what Chickpoint101 com can be used?

Globally, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is a top supplier of corporate businesses and governmental bodies with cyber security solutions. With an industry-leading capture rate of malware, ransomware, and other threats, Infinity’s range of solutions safeguards businesses and government institutions against 5th-generation cyber-attacks.

Infinity consists of three components that deliver uncompromised security and generation V threat prevention across enterprise environments: Check Point Harmony for remote users, Check Point Cloud Guard to secure clouds automatically, and Check Point Quantum to safeguard network perimeters and data centers. 

The most complete, user-friendly united security management in the market, Check Point Horizon, a prevention-first security operations suite, manages all these components. Chickpoint101 com protects Over 100,000 organizations of all sizes.

Specification of Checkpoint101-

  • This website has been registered in 1993.
  • The company name is Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
  • Its stock ticker logo is- NASDAQ: CHKP
  • U.S. Headquarters is situated in San Carlos, California
  • The International Headquarters of the company is located in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Products from Check Point are offered in every country via:
  • Check Point systems as distributors, OEMs, resellers, and OPSEC partners.
  • A network of thousands of accredited partners sells, integrates, supports, and manages service providers.

Who can attend Chickpoint101 com programs?

Anyone interested in pen testing and ethical hacking, including system administrators, web developers, IT managers, and security enthusiasts. U.S. Headquarters, San Carlos, California, for this training, no prior knowledge is needed.

Through the Check Point Institute for Information Security, Check Point supports academic knowledge and technology security studies. The organization offers research grants, fellowships, and financial assistance for various seminars to promote cooperation between academics and business. However, it is necessary to remind the users who want to learn this program that it is offered by, not Chickpoint101. So don’t be confused by the name of the website.

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Chickpoint101 com works with several educational and non-educational partners to accomplish this goal and aims to make learning about cybersecurity available to everyone.

The Secure Academy program offers thorough cybersecurity instruction to 100 institutions and colleges worldwide

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