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Charlotte Woman Killed In Mexico Video: Check What Video Is Viral On Twitter, Tiktok, Reddit, Telegram, and Instagram!

This article contains information about Charlotte Woman Killed in Mexico Video and her death cause investigation.

Sadly, a young woman of 25 named Shanquella Robinson was a victim of death by getting beaten until she died while she was on vacation in Mexico with her buddies.

Have you read this news till now? Are you aware of how she died? Do you know people all over the United States are talking about this incident? If not, then don’t worry. Stick to this article on Charlotte Woman Killed in Mexico Video till the end.


What is this case all about- how did she die?

On 28 October 2022, Shanquella of, 24, went to Mexico with friends to enjoy. She is having her time of life, but within 24 hours, she passed away without any reasonable cause. All of them went to Mexico to celebrate the birthday of one of their friends. Shanquella’s mother stated that all her friends were telling a different story which made her not believe any of them. she further noted that some told her that she got liquor poisoning. At the same time, others said that some friend gave her the poison. You can check the Reddit link further in the article to see that the video is kept private or removed from most of sources.


What is this case all about- how did she die

Shanquella’s mother, Salamandra, said that she didn’t believe anyone and reported the mysterious death to the FBI to know the noble cause of her death. After the investigation, the FBI reported that the case was different, and the reason was not liquor poisoning or any food poisoning. This statement causes everyone to be in a dilemma as the FBI further said that the ribs, spine, and neck are broken.

Viral on Instagram-How we came to know what happened to her?

Disclaimer: Further, the article contains a topic related to physical assault, so viewer’s responsibility is advised.

Everyone was wondering about the cause of her death until a video roams around in which we can see that Shanquella was without clothes on, and a woman was seen beating her on the head several times and attacking her. While the woman is beating Shanquella, another woman is just filming the whole scene without helping her. You can check out the link further in the article to see Viral On Twitter about justice for Shanquella. A voice of men can be heard in between who is telling Shanquella to fight back.

Wiki Shanquella Robinson:

Real Name Shanquella Robinson
Nick Name Unknown 
Profession Business Women
Age 24
Birth Place North Carolina
Year Of Birth 1998
Mother Salamondra Robinson
Father Bernard Robinson
Siblings Sister (Quilla) 

Social media link:




Shanquella Robinson, a businesswoman, was beaten up to death by her friends. However, it is still under investigation as it is not clear whether beating is the cause of death. For more information about charlotte women Shanquella Robinson, visit the link.

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Telegram viral video of Shanquella RobinsonFAQs:

Q1. What is the name of the Charlotte woman in the viral video?

The name of the woman is Shanquella Robinson.

Q2. How did Shanquella die?

It is unclear whether beating is the only cause of her death, and the case is still under investigation.

Q3. How old is Shanquella at the time of death?

Shanquella is 24 years old.

Q4. How many friends are at the time of the trip to Mexico?

There are a total of six friends.

Q5. Why did Shanquella go to Mexico like see in that viral Tiktok video?

She went to Mexico to celebrate the birthday of one of her friends.

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