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Charles Vacca Death Video: Is Shooting Clip On Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, Twitter

In this article, we deliver Charles Vacca Death Video and Shooting range details, the accident video shared on InstagramTelegram, and other social media links like YouTube and Twitter.

Who is Charles Vacca? What happened to her? When was the terrible incident happened? Charles Vacca was the shooting instructor who was accidentally killed while instructing a nine-year-old girl. The incident spread through social media and was trending worldwide. Read Charles Vacca Death Video article to get detailed information and the shooting video link of the small girl.

Read Charles Vacca Death Video

Charles Vacca Death Video

Charles Vacca, the 39-year-old shooting instructor, was accidentally shot and killed while instructing a nine-year-old girl on August 25, 2014, how to shoot a Mini-Uzi. The incident occurred at the Arizona Last Stop Gun Range, also known as Bullets and Burgers, in White Hills, Arizona

Charles Vacca Shooting

Charles Vacca had worked for about 18 months in Arizona’s Last Stop Gun Range. County law administrators mentioned that the shooting is being viewed as an industrial accident. The minimum age for the shooting range to fire a weapon is eight years. A parent administers the young child, as the girl was. Continue reading the article to get the Instagram shared video link and the content.

Charles Vacca Shooting

The shooting was also legal for Arizona Last Stop to individual the fully automatic mini Uzi. Because it was manufactured and purchased before the passage of the Firearm Owners Protection Act in 1986, you can find the video on TwitterIt was added to the National Firearms Act mechanism gun registry, where all fully automatic civilian-owned guns are recorded.

Girl’s Father Statement

The small girls and their families had toured from their Las Vegas hotel to the Last Stop at about 9:45 AM. The girls’ shooting video was shared on Telegram and other social media. The family then acquired a ride on a monster truck before going to the gun range. At the gun range, the girl’s father shoots first, and then it is followed by the little girl. Here, you can find the Youtube link of the girls shooting incident.

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Who captured the video?

The girl’s family went to the gun shooting range. She followed her father to shoot in the range. The girl’s mother captured the incident of her daughter trying out the mini Uzi. That video was shared on Instagram and other social media platforms. 

While capturing the shooting video, she watched as the gun dodged and her daughter lost control of it. The little girl allegedly said the Uzi was too much for her after she fired the gun. You can find the shooting video on Telegram and other online platforms.

Who captured the video

She fired the gun, and she was unable to control the muzzle rise. It caused the barrel to be riveted at Vacca. Charles Vacca is believed to have died from a single shot to the head. Twitter leaked a video showing the incident. He was airlifted to the University Medical Center hospital in Las Vegas, where he died.


The Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health Department investigated the horrible incident of the young girl shooting. After this investigation, the case declined to pursue criminal charges against the little girl. Click the YouTube link to get detailed information about the Charles Vacca incident.

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