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Chainsaw Man Anime Canceled In America: Find Why Chainsaw Man Anime Cancelled!

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Have you watched the first season of Chainsaw Man? However, some rumors are being spread all around the United States and Canada that this series is banned or canceled in the US. Many fans are upset after they heard Chainsaw Man Anime Canceled In America. But, is this rumor true, or is this series going to ban there? We will answer all the questions of the readers. 

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Is Chainsaw Man Cancelled?

Many rumors are being spread everywhere that Chainsaw Man is banned or canceled in the US. But, let us tell you that it is only a rumor for now as it not going to cancel. The show will continue to stream on Crunchyroll and its dubbed version will commence on October 25, 2022. Are you excited about Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man Anime Cancelled

As per online sources, some rumors were spreading on online sites that Chainsaw Man Anime is banned or canceled in America. But, we have already clarified that this Anime is not being canceled. The first episode was not even over that Episode Two had gained a lot of attention. It had streamed on October 18 but some people claimed that they contain offensive content. But, rumors of its cancellations are fake. You can enjoy this Anime show on Crunchyroll. 

Important Details on Chainsaw Man!

Genre Comedy horror, action, dark fantasy
Writer (Manga Series) Tatsuki Fujimoto
Publisher (Manga Series) Shueisha
Chainsaw Man Anime Canceled In America        No, it is not canceled.
English Publisher (Manga Series) Viz Media
Volumes (Manga Series) 12 volumes
English Magazine (Manga Series) Weekly Shonen Jump
Director (Anime Television Series) Makoto Nakazono, Ryū Nakayama
Writer (Anime Series) Hiroshi Seko
Studio MAPPA
Episodes (Anime Series) 2

This table will give you brief information on the writer and creator of Chainsaw Man Anime. You can check their details from the above-mentioned table so that you are not confused between its manga series and Anime series. People can also search for its story on various online sites so that it will generate more interest among the users.

Why rumors of Chainsaw Man Anime Canceled In America are spreading?

Everyone has a different perception regarding this Japanese anime series. Many people thought that they contain offensive content. But, we cannot assume anything by ourselves. This amazing series of teenage devil hunters had won the hearts of people. But, everyone has different thoughts. For now, it not going to be canceled as all the rumors are fake.

Story of Chainsaw in Brief

This story involves a boy who fuses his body with a dog named Pochita. The name of the boy is Denji. It enables him to transform his body parts into chainsaws. As per Chainsaw Man Anime Cancelled, Denji joins the government agency named Public Safety Devil Hunter. This agency aims to fight against the devils. 


This series has won many awards as it is loved by the audience. According to data collected in 2022, more than 16 million copies were in circulation. It has also won Shogakukan Manga Award in 2021. Moreover, they have also won Harvey Awards in 2021 and 2022 for best Manga. This series is still gaining a lot of the audience’s attention. The upcoming episodes will gain more attention for sure.

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Chainsaw Man Anime Canceled In America- Frequently Asked Questions

1 – When is the English Dubbed version releasing?

Ans. The English version of this Anime series is releasing on October 25, 2022.

2 – What is the Genre of Chainsaw Man?

Ans. It is a comedy horror, action, and dark fantasy series.

3 – Is Chainsaw Man Cancelled or Banned in America?

Ans. No, it is not canceled for now.

4 – Why people are spreading rumors of its cancellations?

Ans. Many people believe that it contains offensive content.

5 – Who is the writer of Chainsaw Man Anime? 

Ans. Hiroshi Seko is the writer of Chainsaw Man Anime.

6 – Had it won any awards? 

Ans. Yes, according to details found on Chainsaw Man Anime Canceled In America, it had been awarded Harvey Award and Shogakukan Manga Award. 

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