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Centcex Crypto Price (Nov 2021) Chart & How To Buy?

The below post shares all the details of the Centcex coin, including Centcex Crypto Price; please refer.

Cryptocurrency public sale is the phase where a service or an asset is released and is made accessible to all users to buy. The public sale is hosted on crypto exchange platforms and various websites like Coinbase, Liquid, and Tokenomy, popular Worldwide

It is a marketing strategy hosted when a coin doesn’t hit its target capital in the pre-sale. In today’s post, we will share all the details of coins whose public sale is live and know Centcex Crypto Price below.

What is Centcex Crypto?

Centcex was built and developed to resolve two big Crypto issues: crypto user experience and Crypto security problems.

Out of total taxes charged for buying or Selling Centcex, 4% is for marketing fees, 3% for Development fees, and 3% for Manual Bur and Buyback. Participate in Centcex Public sale and experience the new blockchain innovation.

Centcex is the major feature of Centcex, where you can experience low fees, safe and fast transactions supported on Android and iOS. You can read more details on its official website.

Before getting into the topic of Centcex Crypto Price, let us quickly look at its founder and its team details first.

Who are the Founders of Centcex Coin?

Due to legal and regulatory issues, the team behind it is still anonymous. However, it is mentioned on the site that all the Centcex staff and members are highly experienced to build, deploy and update the crypto world with industry-leading. Centcex is fully decentralized that operates worldwide.

We hope details given above related to the coin and its founder information was helpful to you, now let us see live Centcex Price in the next segment.

Centcex Crypto Price

As per our research and data are taken from a reliable crypto analysis website, the current price of $0.000198009 with a trading volume of $5,592,571.334.

Centcex Coin Statistical Details 

  • Token Name: Centcex
  • Ticker Symbol: CENX
  • Token Type: BEP20
  • Market Rank: No Data
  • Contract Address:0x43b759f28cbf929e9568f90008075c1fe028cc83
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
  • Max Supply: No Data
  • Circulating Supply: 10,000,000,000 CENX
  • Trading Volume 24h: 5,592,571.334 $
  • Market Cap: $1,021,686
  • CENX/BNB LP Holdings: 1.15 BNB ($658) 
  • Holders: 505
  • Decimal: 9
  • Centcex Crypto Price: $0.000198009 

Centcex investors are also curious to know how to use the token? Below is the researched answer.

How can I use Centcex coin?

One can make use of Centcex coin to:

  • Stake 
  • Pay exchange fees 
  • Pay transaction fees 
  • Pay Swap and exchange fees 
  • Lessen Swap fees 
  • Pay P2P fees
  • Through crowdfunding, you can take part in new projects.

How and Where to Buy Centcex tokens?

Pancakeswap is currently the most active exchange platform to buy CENX; suppose you are planning to purchase the token, make sure you use the correct contract address, check Centcex Crypto Price, and then go for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the smart contract address of Centcex?

A1. 0x43b759f28cbf929e9568f90008075c1fe028cc83

Q2. What is the official website of Centcex Crypto?

A2. The official site of Centcex crypto is https://centcex.com/.

Q3. What is the deployed date of Centcex?

A3. Centcex Date Deployed on October 10, 2021, 12:24 GMT. You may read more about the coin here.  


Centcex burn coin every weekend depending on the collected fees from tax fees. And Blockchain records all transactions details. Suppose you are interested in the public sale of Centcex; go through the above details, check Centcex Crypto Price and then participate.

We hope all the information given above was helpful to you. Do you have anything to add to the story? Then write it in the below-provided box. Learn more about the next big crypto coin here.  

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