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Ceek Token Coin {Nov 2021} Price, Chart, How To Buy?

The article Ceek Token Coin is about NFT based cryptocurrency. Also, all possible facts and details about it. Read the article to learn more.

What is Ceek? Is this a Non-fungible token or Cryptocurrency? How to buy this coin? Where to buy Ceek tokens? What does Ceek mean?

After Cryptocurrency, NFTs are the new thing trending in the market. People who invested in Cryptocurrency and have an understanding of digital currency are now exploring the NFTs. This is not like another tradable asset that is easily tradable. NFTs are like digital collectables. In Turkey, Vietnam people are curious to know about Ceek Token Coin.

What is Ceek?

Ceek is a platform that provides artists, content creators, and other athletes to connect with their fans virtually. This technology is made on the blockchain ecosystem. In addition, ceek Virtual Reality provides the creators with special protection against piracy and other illegal actions.

It allows artists to upload their work on the blockchain network, a distributed and immutable ledger. The users can then pay the artist with their Cryptocurrency and get access to the content. There is no middleman, and the artists get a direct link to their audience with Ceek Token Coin.

The content is safe and protected with blockchain technology. Piracy and illegal access to the content get filtered.

Price Of Ceek Token

The price of the Ceek smart VR Token is currently standing at $ 0.303092. The total token supply in the market is 1,000,000,000. The trading volume of the past 24 hours is $ 9,378,188. 

 The all-time high price of this token was $ 0.330618, and the lowest price was $ 0.00074146. So the rate of interest is negative 38.5% currently. But overall the price percentage has grown 15.3% approx.

Who is the founder of Ceek VR?

The founder of Ceek Token Coin and VR is Mary Spio. She is from Ghana and completed her masters from Georgia Institute of Technology in electrical engineering. 

She moved to New York, U.S, when she was 16 years old and completed her studies in the United States. Mary is an entrepreneur and the founder of CEEK VR. Her specialization is deep space engineering. 

More Details

Ceek VR was founded in 2015. This platform provides services such as; streaming virtual events. They have their mobile application and the Ceek official website. They also have their Non-fungible token available in the market. They have partnered with celebrities like Lady Gaga, Ziggy Marley, etc.

How to buy Ceek Token Coin? A perfect guide with Trustwallet

  1. You can buy Ceek coins from coinbase and coinsquare. 
  2. Visit the website of your choice and register yourself there.
  3. Add money to the fiat money wallet.
  4. Now purchase either Bitcoin or Etherum.
  5. After that, draw out the previously purchased cryptocurrency in the private wallet or trustwallet.
  6. Exchange your amount in the wallet for the Ceek coins.


  1. What is the price of the Ceek smart VR token in the market?

The price of Ceek VR coins in the market is $ 0.303092.

  1. Where can you buy these coins?

You can buy Ceek Token Coin from Coinsquare or Coinbase.

  1.     What is the official website of Ceek VR?

The official website of the Ceek is https://www.ceek.io/

Final Verdict

Ceek VR is an established enterprise with more than five years of experience in the field of Virtual reality. Their CEO is a highly talented lady who is guiding Ceek VR to new heights of success. The prospects of this token are looking promising. 

But before investing in any cryptocurrency, you must understand more about Common Cryptocurrency Scams And How To Avoid Them.

 Visit this link to know more about the founder of Ceek VR .

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