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This article describes a popular racing game inspired by a famous film built upon the new non-fungible token (NFT) technology. Read more on Ccar to PHP.

Are you someone who likes to play NFT games? If so, you must have known about this popular car racing game based on NFT technology, so the gamer gets the ownership of the car, and any other gamers cannot duplicate it.

Gamers from the Philippines and other parts of the world are very interested in this new gaming technology, which helps users build their custom car, which is non-fungible. Continue reading this article to understand all about Ccar to PHP.

About CryptoCars:

The 2006 American film about cars inspires CryptoCars. This film was released in theaters by Walt Disney Pictures, and Pixar Animation Studios did the production. The cars present in this game look similar to the cars presented in that film.

The main feature of CryptoCars is that it uses the new NFT technology, which enables the gamers to build, modify and design their cars which cannot be copied by others giving it uniqueness. After buying the car, the gamers can race against other opponents and accomplish different missions available in the game.

Ccar to PHP

  • Many gamers from the Philippines are into this new car racing game and want to know the price of the CryptoCars currency CCAR when converted to Philippine peso (PHP).
  • The latest value of one CCAR is around 18 Philippine pesos as per the current market standing.
  • These values can change according to the market fluctuation.

Market Supply of CryptoCars:

  • Current Market Price: ₱18.42
  • 24 H Low: ₱14.67
  • 24 H High: ₱19.79
  • Market Cap: Not Available
  • Trading Volume(24H): ₱135,516,564
  • Circulating Supply: NA
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000
  • 14 days change: +43.3%

About Founders

  • Ly Tran is the CEO of CryptoCars and the creator of the gameplay, and he coordinates the development process. Read more on Ccar to PHP.
  • A Nguyen is the CTO of CryptoCars, and he is working with LY Tran for six years since 2015.
  • Mai Dang is the designer. She works on creating 2D and 3D art.

 How to buy CCAR?

  • The first step involves login in using the MetaMask Wallet, which can be found on the top right corner of the screen while browsing the CryptoCars homepage.
  • Then open the account management page to deposit CCAR from the MetaMask Wallet into the game. This option is available on the Token Bridge section on “Information.” Continue reading to know more about Ccar to PHP.
  • The third step involves entering the number of CCAR that need to be deposited and click ok. It takes to a confirmation page. Press Confirm to continue the process.
  • Using this CCAR, the gamer can get a new car by selecting the option “Unbox New Car” present on the top right corner of the screen. The price of cars may vary according to the features it provides. Gamers can choose from the cars available.
  • The player can also stake the car to get more exp points. 


Q1: Which database is used by CryptoCars?

A1: Research based on Ccar to PHP found that CryptoCars uses the BigchainDB database, which is a high-performance DB that includes Blockchain characteristics. It helps to ensure the transactions and events are fully transparent.

 Q2: How can we connect CCAR with BSC?

A2: CryptoCars have Token Bridge, which helps players withdraw and deposit CCAR tokens between the CryptoCars System and Binance Smart Chain. It can also be connected with the Ethereum blockchain.


NFT technology has significantly impacted the gaming world as it gives its gamers the privilege to own their unique gaming assets. To know more regarding Ccar to PHP, please check the whitepaper using this link .

Have you tried any NFT games? If so, what is your gaming experience compared to the older gaming? Kindly share your opinion with us.

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