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Cb Tracker Crypto Blade (Aug) Coin Price, How to Buy?

Cb Tracker Crypto Blade (Aug) Coin Price, How to Buy? >> Here, in this article, we will read about the skill token. Read here for more info.

Non-fungible tokens or NFT’S and the NFT games release their tokens every day as a good investment option. Almost every popular NFT game like Cb Tracker Crypto Blade and many other NFT based token games have released their crypto.

People in every corner of the world, especially people residing in the Philippines, are investing in these types of NFT game tokens for better profits. Here in this article, we will read about the tracker crypto token, and gather all the details related to the token, so read this article completely for all the details.

What Is Tracker Crypto blade Token game?

Crypto blades is a very popular NFT based game, and just like every other NFT game, it also has the same function of play to earn protocol. In addition, Cb Tracker Crypto Blade is associated with several other companies like independent games festivals, chain links, BTS labs and many more.

Basically, in this game, we can earn tokens by defeating our enemies and raiding the enemies along with our friends. Here in this game, we can also craft our NFT’s, and we can also customize our characters in the game and increase the power of our blade to become the strongest blade owner in the game. Now let us read about the founders of this game.

Founders of Cb Tracker Crypto Blade:

This game is developed under the company of Riveted games LLC, which is an award-winning game developer company, and the particular crypto blade tokens is created and being handled by a team of four members who are Philip Devine, the owner and Daniel Karsai, the blockchain developer, Raymond Hammarling the backend developer and Kyle kemp the front end developer, so these are the four-team members running the crypto blade token.

Market Data and Coin Price of Crypto blade:

Today the current price of the Cb Tracker Crypto Blade token is around 39.84USD, and this digital currency has a twenty-four-hour trading volume of approximately 15,200,886USD. And the price of the coin came down by approximately 15.1 percent yesterday, and this token has a total of six hundred thousand coins available in its circulating supply and one million in its total supply.

Market Price And Stats of Crypto blades:

  • price of crypto blades-39.84 USD.
  • Market cap -24,042,711USD.
  • Market Cap Dominance of crypto blades- 0.00 percent
  • Trading volume of crypto blades- 15,200,886.
  • Volume and market cap- 0.6322
  • Crypto blades Twenty-four-hour low and twenty-four hour high- 39.45/ 60.59 USD
  • Crypto blades seven days low and high- 28.16/ 60.59 USD.
  • Market cap rank- #700
  • All-time high- 184.46USD.
  • All-time low of Cb Tracker Crypto Blade0.692354USD

How To Buy Crypto blade Token?

We can purchase the skill token of crypto blades from the exchange platform of the Ape swap, and we need to first create an account on the ape swap, which is essential to create a skill token and then trade it with BNB. And then, we need to trade all the skill coins into BNB trade to complete the purchase.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q1) what is the current price of Skill coin?

Answer) 39.84 dollars

Q2) what is the market cap rank of Skill coin?

Answer) #700


Here in this article, we will read about the skill token, also known as Cb Tracker Crypto Blade, and here we have discussed all the important points and facts that we need to know before investing any amount in this token.

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