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[Update] Instagram: Check The Details On Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, And Twitter

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Cat.In.blender.5555 Instagram to learn the content and availability of the video.

Did you know about a viral video of a cat getting blended in a blending machine? The thought itself raises brows, but it is a true incident. The viral video was a topic of discussion and comments on various social media platforms and blogs in Mexico and Brazil

The video gained criticism about the person’s cruelty and posting such videos on social media. Let’s check all facts about Cat.In.blender.5555 Instagram.


About the video:

The video was uploaded online between 2nd/May/2023 – 3rd/May/2023. The video was extensively circulated on shock sites and social media from 3rd/May/2023. The original video is 00:01:28+ minutes long and 52.14 MB in size for a 720 pixels video. The video is available in mp4 format and from a minimum of 4.1 MB for a 220 pixel standard definition video.

Blender used in the video:

The video showed a commercial-grade food processor with the brand’s name written in China. The powerful food processor has a 4500W motor and 28,000 rotations per minute. On Twitter, there were several mini clips 2-3 seconds long. But, the posts provided shortened links to third-party unauthentic websites for viewing the video.

The video showed one of the attachments of the food processor, which has a 2-litre capacity. The transparent jar is used for blending fruits, making healthy shakes, popular for making vitamin drinks for bodybuilders, and also used for crushed ice.

The content of the video:

The video showed animal cruelty. A person holds a small cat with its neck and puts it into the 2 litres blending jar. On Instagram, no posts related to Cat.In.blender was found. The person closes the jar with a lid. The cat had beautiful yellow eyes, which could be seen through the transparent jar. After approximately nine seconds, the person starts the first blend, which lasts for 2-3 seconds.

Initially, the cat gets twisted and looks at its tail as if it was the first body part to get hurt. After twenty seconds, the man gives another blend for 2-3 seconds. This time, the cat’s hind limbs get cut and start bleeding. Cat.In.blender posts were removed on Reddit except for only three video posts.

The sense is shown until thirty-nine seconds. The viewers can see the hair of the cat got blended, and its skin is visible. The cat tries to get out of the jar by pushing itself and trying to open the lid.

The man does not get any pity on the cat. Instead, viewers can hear the man laughing. It showed that the man might be habituated to animal cruelty or he might have some type of health issues which gives him comfort and peace of mind while assault animals. On Tiktok, only a few videos related to Cat.In.blender were present.

The man gives more than eighteen blends between the 40th and 77th seconds. The cat was still alive but didn’t have any more energy. The man increases the blender’s power by turning up the regulator and blends again. Finally, the ma

The hair of the cat got removed while blending, and its skin, drenched in blood, was visible. More than 18 video reviews related to Cat.In.blender were found on Youtube.

Identity of the person in the video:

The identity of the person is unknown. The video was taken with a mobile camera by another person. The identity of the second person is also unknown. Several sources reported that the person was from China, and he got arrested. At the same time, few sources reported that the police were on the lookout for the person.

Social media links:

  • Due to violent content, the social media links of the video are excluded.


The reports about police action need to be authenticated as none of the country’s newspapers reported the arrest. The situation of persons involved in the Cat.In.blender.5555 Instagram incident will be clearer within a few more days once authentic news or police statement comes out. As of writing, only one unofficial video post on TikTok showed a picture of the person. Several mini clips of three seconds circulated on social media. To know more, visit this link.

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Cat.In.blender.5555 Instagram – FAQ

1Q. Is the Cat.In.blender video available on social media?

It is present on @insanereality Reddit pages. However, the video is not recommended for viewership.

2Q. Is the full video available on the internet?


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