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The below article covers all the untold and unknown facts about the Cat Blender Video Real or Fake confusion.

How many of you watched the Cat in Blender video? What do you think is the video real or fake? The Cat in Blender video recently went viral on social media sites. People from Worldwide got chills after watching the video. 

Many people are questioning the fakeness of the video. The video is so brutal that many people think it is graphic. But is the video really fake? Let’s jump into the article to find out the answer to the confusion: Cat Blender Video Real or Fake

Disclaimer: All the information mentioned here is for educational purposes only. We have gathered all the details from genuine and authentic sources.

Is the Cat in Blender video fake?

As many people questioned the authenticity of the video, we like to inform them that the video is not graphic. The video is absolutely real. Those who have watched the video only know how inhuman a person can be. The cat in the video was a real cat. The person in the video, tortured the cat to death. This horrifying video went Viral On Reddit and other social media platforms. 

What can we see in the video?

The video opens with a mixer grinder and a cat. Suddenly, a person’s hand appears and puts the cat inside the mixer grinder. The person didn’t stop there. He turned on the blender. The poor cat couldn’t do anything. The horrible person turned on and off the blender several times. 

In the Cat in Blender Real Video, you will also notice that the person took out the bloody cat inside the blender. The video is impossible to watch for a light-hearted person. The video is almost one minute and three seconds long. And this one minute will be the most horrible one minute of your life if you choose to watch the video. 

On which social media platform did the video go viral first?

On 2nd May 2023, the video first went viral on Twitter. An unknown Twitter user named @scarycontent18 uploaded the video. The video contains unusual content, so it doesn’t take much time to go viral. People from different countries watched the video and shared it. 

Who committed this hideous and disgusting crime?

It is still unclear who killed the cat. But people assumed that the person who committed this crime was a native of China. The blender that the person used in the video has something written on it in Chinese. 

Has the video gone viral on Instagram?

Yes, you can find some video clips of this video on Instagram. Many Instagram users also make awareness posts to grab the attention of the viewers. 

What did ordinary people comment on this video?

Not only pet lovers but also ordinary people got shocked after watching the video. Noah Carter, the famous Tiktoker, also made a Tiktok video to put the spotlight on this matter. Noah Carter mentioned in his video that the person behind this crime is in jail right now. But there are no authentic details available about this news. 

People from all over the world want justice for the poor cat. They continuously cursed the guy who committed this hideous crime. Many people are still sharing the video on Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit to spread more awareness. You can even check our “Social Media Links” section to see their comments. 

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The Final Discussion:

Those who are still searching for the video on Youtube should stop searching for it. As the video contains bloody content, you cannot find the video on Youtube. You can find the video on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and Telegram. But watch it at your own risk. Rather than searching for this disturbing video, you can click here to watch how to treat a cat.

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Cat Blender Video Real or Fake– FAQs:

Q.1 Is the video real?

Ans. Yes.

Q.2 Is the cat still alive?

Ans. No.

Q.3 What was the color of the cat?

Ans. Grey and black.

Q.4 Can we find the original video on Twitter?

Ans. Yes.

Q.5 Can kids watch the video? 

Ans. No.

Q.6 Is the video full of blood and sensitive content?

Ans. Yes.

Q.7 Who uploaded the video on the internet? 

Ans. @scarycontent18.

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