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Do you want to know about the Rugby player? Are you eager to know what happened to the player? If so, read the article till the end. The video of a Rugby player has gone viral across the United Kingdom, and people are discussing the video.

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What Happened to Rugby Player?

A Rugby player named Joe Westerman fell into big trouble when a video of him went viral. In that video, Joe was involved in an obscene act with woman. The video has gone viral across various social media platforms. The video showed that Westerman was performing an offensive act with a woman, which went viral. He was also imposed fine by Castleford Tigers football club. The video became Viral On Reddit and also on other platforms.

Joe Westerman and His Wife

The wife of Joe Westerman is devastated after watching the video. She stated that she has not spoken to Joe and is worried about their three young children. As per sources, she was upset with the incident, and her carelessness towards Joe brought big trouble to his family. His wife, Lauren, said she was surprised to watch the video and lost words. She also clarified the woman in the video, was not she. It was someone else. She stated that they have children, and one is 15 years old. 

Who Made the Video Viral on Tiktok?

There is no clue regarding the person who uploaded the video on various social media platforms. Once it became viral on one platform, it spread to other platforms. Westerman apologised to his wife and children. He also stated that he regretted his action. He also apologised to his sponsors, supporters, staff and directors of Castleford Tigers. He regretted that he made such a decision around liquor. He could not realise what would be brought by such action. He is ashamed of his acts and apologises to everyone directly and indirectly affected by his acts. His video also became viral on Instagram.

Was Joe Fined?

Joe was fined by Castleford club. The club also issued an investigation regarding the video leak. The club also ordered Joe to educate young grownups regarding the effects of liquor. He was also ordered to educate them regarding the danger of social media. His apologies also spread among the people. His trouble proved how he is going through a bad phase in his life. The imposition of the fine has made him responsible. It has been revealed that the Youtube video link became viral on various social media platforms.

About the Career of Joe Westerman

Westerman is originally from Pontefract in West Yorkshire. He graduated from the Featherstone Lions Youth team in 2007. After that, he embarked on his professional journey with Castleford Tiger Club for three years and transferred to Hull FC in 2011. After that, he signed a three-year contract with Warrington. He also worked for a brief time with Toronto Wolfpack in 2017. He again signed a two-year contract with Castleford Tigers in 2022. 

Due to being such a popular player, his video spread rapidly to all the platforms, including Telegram. 

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Joe is a popular player, and people expect him to be honest. But his recent video has made everyone disappointed and surprised. To know more, please visit the link

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Castleford Rugby Player Video Viral on Twitter-FAQs    

Q1. Who is Joe Westerman?

A Rugby player.

Q2. For whom is he playing?

Castleford tigers.

Q3. Who is his wife?

Lauren Westerman.

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