Carlive Chain Contract Address 2021

Carlive Chain Contract Address (Aug 2021) How to Buy?

Carlive Chain Contract Address (Aug 2021) How to Buy? >> Read the below write-up and get insights about trending Crypto-token address details with some important facts of this digital coin.    

Do you know how much return rate does Carlive Chain Company provides? If you are familiar with Carlive’s working mechanism, please share some light on the possible profits! Today, we are reviewing the contract address and Carlive Chain Company for you.

Through our post, we aim to connect with the worldwide audience. Our reviews help readers to make an informed decision concerning investments. This Carlive Chain Contract Address will let you know why it is on-trend.

Overview of Carlive Chain Token:

Earlier, a well-written and organized website tends to gain the trust of the worldwide population. However, the advancements have brought many changes in the perspective of a user, particularly an investor. Therefore, you need to carefully read a company’s details before laying your trust in it.

In addition, you have to peruse the crypto token’s details of any company before investing your money. It will always secure you from possible financial losses due to your poor decisions. Let’s check the below details:

  • Token Symbol: IOV
  • Current Token Price: 0.00093828778448
  • Volume: 1000 dollars
  • Aggregate Token Supply: IOV 10,000,000,000.00
  • Market Capital: 0.00 dollars
  • Decimals Available: Eight
  • Holders: 206900
  • Transfers: 566409

Why Carlive Chain Contract Address is trending?

Carlive Chain was officially created based on Ethereum Network to become an Automotive Social-Blockchain Eco-Community. This ERC20 token was invented by AUH Foundation based in Singapore in 2018. When a crypto company launches offerings and tokens, it needs to have a registered contract address. It gives is a glimpse of the CARLIVE token’s market condition. Moreover, the contract address illustrates the ups and downs in token prices at all times. Finally, you can visit the online address and adjudge the profits according to the market value.

In this manner, the Carlive Chain Contract Address is trending. You can refer to other articles available on the web to procure more details!

Get Contract Information:

  • The address is 0X0E-69D0-A2BB-B30A-BCB7-E5CF-EA0E-4FDE-19C0-0A8D-47.
  • 0X00-8B87-C8D8-245E-F806-2EA8-BFBB-C5D0-C79F-CFE8-14 is the address of contract creator.
  • More than 608296 transactions are made by the token holders.

Price Prediction of Carlive Chain Token:

Based on the data, suppose you invest to Carlive Chain, you can expect a long-term increase, and the predicted price is 0.003094 in 16-05-2026. Now, the current price is 0.000189. 

How to Get a Carlive Chain Token?

Many people find it challenging to buy crypto tokens. Following checking Carlive Chain Contract Address, we got they take the services of finance brokers who charge high for your profits and crypto transactions. In this manner, a myth has been created around blockchain technology and crypto investment. However, you can refer to the below points to get the tokens:

  • Create an account on the TRUST WALLET app.
  • Browse the settings and click on the token icon.
  • Submit the contract address of Carlive Chain.
  • Tap on the custom token option.
  • Enter the contract address again.
  • Select the decimals from 0-8.


  1. What is the ERC20 Token-Coin?

Ans- Following Carlive Chain Contract Address, it is a digital asset based on Blockchain, like Ether, Bitcoin.

  1. Can Cryptocurrency be Stolen?

Ans- According to a report, it is tough to hack someone’s cryptocurrency detail. For more details, you can visit.

Our Final Thoughts:

We think the contract address of Carlive Chain crypto company is trending because finance critics find it worthless. The experts exclaim that Carlive Chain tokens rarely see any positive changes. It can adversely affect your returns on crypto investments. Please read here for How to Buy Cryptocurrency.

Do you agree with the finance critics? Please share some of your suggestions on our Carlive Chain Contract Address post! 

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