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Carlee Russell Scam: Who Is Carlee Russell Boyfriend? Check Full Details On Carlee Russell Hoax, And Fake Kidnapping

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Carlee Russell Scam to know about the incident and the latest update.

Did you know that the latest update about Carlee Russell suggests she is still recovering from the aftermath of the incident in Alabama, United States? What did Carlee do that was treated as a scam? Her family distributed missing person pamphlets and extensively shared social media posts requesting people give any leads if possible. Was Carlee’s boyfriend involved in the incident? Let’s check all the facts about Carlee Russell Scam.


About Carlee’s Scam:

Carlee was returning from work on Thursday night, 13th/July/2023. She saw a kid alone on the street and called the police to inform them about him. She stopped the car at I-459 South Road and came out of the car. The police reached the spot. But Carlee was not present at the location. The police recovered Carlee’s wick, cell phone, purse, and Apple smartwatch.

Carlee’s scam is related to Carlee Russell Fake Kidnapping. By the next morning, on Friday, 14th/July/2023, the news about Carlee’s missing took a social media troll suspecting that she was kidnaped. 

The TikTok post was initiated by a black and white person whose identity was not reviled. On TikTok, @cottoncandyswirl_44 and @dark_hive pages shared the news on Friday and requested to share the post. A truck driver reported that he saw a brown car stopping near Carlee’s car.

Carlee Russell Footage:

Police got CCTV footage, recorded from a distance and high ground. The footage of I-459 South Street was surprising as it did not show any kids on the street. The police also found no kid when they reported to the location of Carlee’s 911 call. Carlee’s family believes that the kid was used as bait to get Carlee out of her car. 

After Carlee did not return home, her family called Simmons. He was shocked to know about it. But, Carlee’s kidnapping news turned out to be a Carlee Russell Hoax. The police department was immediately notified. 

Carlee returned home on Saturday, 15th/July/2023; the police gave a little time for her family members to reconcile. The police immediately took a brief statement from Carlee. She was taken to a nearby hospital, where Carlee received basic treatment and was discharged. 

Her mother, Talitha Russell, stated that the family could not discuss the incident as they had spent 3 sleepless nights. Carlee Russell Mental Healthis a concern as she has to cope with the incident’s aftermath. Talitha and Simmons thanked god about Carlee’s return and safety.

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Thomas Simmons contributed to searching for Carlee. However, he was targeted/rumored as the potential kidnapper of Carlee! Simmons did not take a step back, and amid all allegations, he continued searching for Carlee. As Carlee is yet to give a public statement, it is unknown if Carlee was kidnapped (or) if Carlee Russell Boyfriend was in any way related to her missing.

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