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Carlee Russell Faked Abduction: Is Carlee Russell Missing? Check Full Details On Carlee Russell Search History And Twitter Account

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about fake story made-up by Carlee and how police were able to determine Carlee Russell Faked Abduction.

By now, it was clear to people from the United StatesCanada, and the United Kingdom, about the fake kidnapping case of Carlee Russell. The information provided by Carlee to police and the results of the police investigation were contradictory. 

Carlee’s story now seems to be a publicity stunt unless it is hallucinations or an attempt to leave home. Would you like to know more about Carlee Russell Faked Abduction?


Statement given by Carlee:

Police met Carlee only once and took a detailed statement. Due to disturbed cerebral health, Carlee is not in a position to speak.

Carlee stated that she saw a male toddle about 3 to 4 years old walking on road side. She informed him about 911 and later spoke with kid. But she was abducted by a person coming from same direction. Man had orange hairs. Man blindfolded Carlee and kept her in an 18-wheeler truck, giving an impression that Carlee Russell Missing.

Carlee tried escaping twice, but man caught her. Carlee stated that man was with a kid and a woman. Man did not tie Carlee’s hand to avoid leaving any evidence marks. The women feed her cheese crackers next day.

Statement by Carlee’s sister-in-law:

Carlee’s sister-in-law had reported that Carlee was on a call with her when she was kidnapped. She seems to be speaking to someone and suddenly shouts Robinson. Later, call got disconnected.

Carlee Russell Search History:

Police stated there was no report of a missing child on 13th/July/2023 when Carlee went missing.

Police found detailed of her google search history related to a bus ticket from Birmingham to Nashville, how to take money from register without being caught, details of an abduction film- Taken, and about AMBER Alert process.

Similar search history was found on her office computer.

Before leaving office on 13th/July, Carlee took toilet paper, a dark-colored bathrobe, and a few other items.

Twitter Account of Carlee Russell was untraceable.

I-459 South Street had a speed limit of 70 MPH, which made it impossible to spot a kid walking.

Social media links:

There were 3,170 tweets about Carlee’s fake abduction.


The search on internet about traveling to a different city, AMBER alert process, watching an abduction film on day of missing, and returning home two days later without any significant injury suggest that it was a publicity stunt. On Instagram, Simmons did not posted any update.

If Carlee is not lying, she may be hallucinating, as police did not find related evidence. 

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Carlee Russell Faked Abduction – FAQ

1Q. What did police conclude in their statement?

Police stated they did not believe Carlee was ever kidnapped. 

2Q. How did Carlee escape kidnappers?

As her hands and feet were not tied, Carlee found an opportunity to escape into woods and made her way home.

3Q. When did Carlee return home?

On 13/July/2023 at about 22:45.

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