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Carinho Kitty Online Com: Know More About Assistir com Carinho Kitty

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Com Carinho Kitty was featured on the Netflix platform on 18th/May/2023 in Brazil and Portugal. The 1st series had ten episodes telecasted simultaneously. Each episode lasted for half an hour. Jean played an interesting role in Para Todos os Garotos que Já Amei. Com Carinho Kitty came up as a spin-off of the series. 

So, what happened in the Com Carinho Kitty? Where can you watch the episodes of Carinho Kitty Online com?


Watch Com Carinho Kitty online:

Com Carinho Kitty was released worldwide online and on the NetFlix platform on Sunday, the 18th/May/2023. The series was released in Korean, English, and French languages. The series is available only on demand with Netflix subscription.

About Com Carinho Kitty:

In the Para Todos os Garotos que Já Amei, Jean’s high school life was focused, where her secret love letters somehow got mailed to five of her crushes. The series is also popular as – To All the Boys I’ve loved before. The series was telecasted in 2018. 

Continuing the journey of Jean, the Assistir com Carinho Kitty focused on the contribution of Kitty’s sister to her love life. The series showed Jean and Kitty moving to Seoul, South Korea, to pursue higher studies. Surprisingly, Kitty’s school love, Dae, was featured in the series studying at the same college, where Kitty took admitted as her late mother graduated from the same college.

But, to Kitty’s disappointment, she discovered that Dae was dating another girl. Ketty was sad and had to decide whether to express her love to Dae (or) continue her life without him by returning to her family. The Carinho Kitty Online com episodes are categorized into comedy and romance genres as they show fun-filled roles of Jean and Kitty as they try to fight for Kitty’s love. Jean supported her sister, Ketty, to boost her love life.

In episode six, Kitty expresses her feelings about Dae with Min Ho. In episode 8, the students are seen enjoying their school trip, where Dae comes closer to Kitty and gains her confidence, Min Ho makes a relationship decision, Florian confines Q, and Yuri expresses his feeling about Juliana. 

Finally, in episode 9, Kitty takes the help of her friends in her final approach to Dae. Tension mounts as the Carinho Kitty Online com episode reveales surprising facts, betrayals, and fights. The series ends with the 10th episode showing friends sharing their final ranks in studies, complicated truths, and feelings of Kitty as she finds love with her old crush more complicated than imaginable. Kitty decides that she will live her love life on her terms. 

About the plot:

Jenny Han is the author and creator of Com Carinho Kitty. The series promises to engage viewers who are interested in watching a spin-off of the Para Todos os Garotos que Já Amei series and also promises to attract new audiences in the Carinho Kitty Online com series, specifically those who like to watch love life, romance, college life, comedy, youngsters life during college days, Etc.

The Cast of Com Carinho Kitty:

  • Production companies: Awesomeness and ACE Entertainment
  • Original network: Netflix
  • Executive producers: Jenny Han, Sascha Rothchild, Matt Kaplan
  • Anna Cathcart is Katherine ‘Kitty’ Song Covey
  • Choi Min-yeong is Dae
  • Anthony Keyvan is Q
  • Gia Kim is Yuri
  • Lee Sang-heon is Min Ho
  • Peter Thurnwald is Alex
  • Regan Aliyah is Juliana
  • John Corbett is Daniel Covey
  • Yunjin Kim is Jina
  • Théo Augier is Florian

Customer reviews and ratings of Carinho Kitty Online com:

Com Carinho Kitty gained 8.8/10 stars from 4 customer reviews TMBD, an average 6.6/10 from 303 reviews on IMDb, a 3/5 on AdoroCinema, and 2.5/5 stars with 109 Google reviews. Approximately 94% of Google users liked the series. 

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Com Carinho Kitty gained an average rating. Users commented that they watched the series as it was telecasted on Sunday when they do not have much work and can watch any episodes even if it is not interesting. The viewer’s feedback suggested the series was too fast, the cast was uncomfortable with their characters, the actors made several mistakes, and the dialogues were poor.

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Carinho Kitty Online com – FAQ

1Q. Is the second season of Com Carinho Kitty announced?

No, the second season is not announced.

2Q. When was the spin-off announced?

On 31st/March/2021.

3Q. When did the production start in Seoul?

On 6th/April/2023.

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