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Cara Beli Asix Token (Feb 2022) Chart & Contract Address

The guide shares steps on Cara Beli Asix Token to help investors purchase and trade the native token of ASIX.

The play-to-earn community is expanding and attracting many players and Crypto investors to the platform. The concept has gained immense popularity amongst worldwide gamers because it allows players to play games and earn rewards such as Cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Recently, a new P2E game has been launched, ASIX, which features the Congklak game, the traditional game with the heritage of Indonesia.

Unlike the original game, it has seeds, shells, and small stones used within the game. Besides, the platform has a native token, ASIX Token, and players want to know Cara Beli Asix Token, meaning How To Buy Asix Token. 

What is Asix Token?

Asix Token is the native token and in-game currency of the new virtual game Asix. It is launched for the P2E game, Asix, attracting many investors and gamers in Indonesia

The platform features the traditional Indonesian game popular by different names across the country. However, some updates were made in the game. Unlike the traditional game, it uses small stones and shells as the seeds in the game. 

Besides, the rewards players earn in the game can be traded in the NFT marketplace for more Asix Token. But, the investors want to know Cara Beli Asix Token via exchanges.  

Founders of Asix

According to the official website, the President Commissioner of the game is Anang Hermansyah. MC Basyar is the CEO, Harris is CFO, R. Rizki is the COO, and Larry serves as the CMO.

However, the website has shared complete details of the team behind the virtual game, and you can access the details of members serving in the company.

What is the Market Analysis of Asix Token?

Before we move ahead to the section of Cara Beli Asix Token, let us check the market statistics of the token.  

The ASIX Token has been priced at $0.000008 in the last 24 hours. It has registered a hike of 63.59%. Besides, the token’s trading volume has been $7 366 387 in the last 24 hours. The trading volume has been high by 87.26% in the last 24 hrs. 

The market ranking of the token is #2900 based on the live market capitalization of $78 805 786. The fully diluted market capitalization of ASIX Token is $78 805 786.33. There is no data on the total circulating supply of the token. However, there are 10 000 000 000 000 ASIX available for maximum supply. 

Cara Beli Asix Token – Learn the Steps!

  • Register with Trust Wallet and Load BNB
  • BNB is the currency that supports ASIX Swap
  • Now go to PanCakeSwap Exchange and search for the token
  • Use the content address 0xc98a8ec7a07f1b743e86896a52434c4c6a0dbc42 to search the token
  • Choose the Cake Option 
  • Enter the number of tokens you want to buy
  • Click on the redemption button to swap, and you are done  

The above mentioned and quoted are the steps on Cara Beli Asix Token.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Official Site of the ASIX Token?

A1. https://asixtoken.com/ is the official website of the token.

Q2. What is the Contract Address Investors Must Use?

A2. 0xc98a8ec7a07f1b743e86896a52434c4c6a0dbc42 is the right contract address to use to buy the token. 

Q3. Where Can you Buy ASIX Token?

A3. Pancakeswap is the virtual exchange where you can buy ASIX Token with BNB.


Indonesian investors interested in buying the ASIX Token must know that it is available on Pancakeswap for trading, and you would require BNB to buy the token. 

You may use the above steps on Cara Beli Asix Token to purchase the token on the Pancakeswap exchange. Besides, don’t forget to check the Best Crypto to Invest in 2022 for high profit. 

Do you play ASIX Game and hold ASIX Token? Please, share how you bought the native token of the game in the comment section.

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