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Can CBD Soothe Your Feet After You Are Standing for a Long Time?

Can CBD Soothe Your Feet After You Are Standing for a Long Time?: If you are in a situation to stand for long periods, due to your job, or any other reason, your feet get pain. It will happen despite wearing high-quality shoes with an orthosis. Fortunately, there are many solutions available to soothe your foot. You may get relieved from the pain and any discomfort of your feet.

Not only stretches are done only by athletes, everyone can do it to relax their feet and be free from pain. You can have a hot or cold pack to help your sore feet. CBD from cannabis in any form, such as oil or topical, can be used to ease your foot’s pain. If you follow the trends, you might hear about the cannabis products even used by celebrities.

Many topical products are trending in the market to relieve the pain. The right product will be cbdMD, which alleviates your feet’ aches, swelling, and soreness. Keep reading to learn more about the soothing effect of CBD on your feet after standing for a long time.    

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the 80 cannabinoids present in cannabis plants. Tetrahydrocannabinol is another cannabinoid that is a psychoactive substance, whereas CBD is not psychoactive. It carries many therapeutic properties and helps to treat many health ailments. It is available in many forms, such as oral, vaping, and topical.

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the 80 cannabinoids present in cannabis plants. It is available in many forms, such as oral, vaping, and topical. Tetrahydrocannabinol is another cannabinoid that is a psychoactive substance, whereas It carries many therapeutic properties and helps treat many health ailments. 

Types of CBD

  1. Full-spectrum CBD

It consists of many cannabinoids, and THC less than 0.3% is legal under federal law. Flavonoids and terpenes are present in this form and are responsible for therapeutic properties.

  1. Broad-spectrum CBD

It has many substances of the hemp plant but not THC.

  1. Isolated form of CBD

It is a pure form of CBD which does not have THC and other cannabinoids.

Ways to choose the best CBD product for foot pain

You should follow the criteria below to buy a high-quality product.

  1. Third-party lab testing

All the products prepared in that company should be tested in an independent third-party laboratory. It is to ensure the quality of the product without having any contaminants and artificial chemicals.

  1. Sources of hemp

You can use hemp, which is grown organically, to extract cannabidiol. It has potential benefits to all kinds of health issues.

  1. Certificate of analysis (COA)

Each seller should have a certificate of analysis to ensure that the products are free from THC or less than 0.3% of THC. It also confirms the absence of heavy metals, bacterial growth, pesticides, etc.

Which is the best CBD oil or CBD creams for foot pain

Both the oil and cream may help to soothe aching feet. But the cream is prepared so that the ingredients added to it may give you a warm and cooling effect and get immediate relief from the pain. When you take CBD oil by sublingual method, it also works quickly but not immediately as that of the CBD cream.

CBD helps to soothe feet pain

CBD is lipophilic and helps carry across the blood-brain barrier to interact with the central nervous system. And it manages the positive effects on the brain and other areas. Cannabis is an herbal plant; it is well-tolerated by people. It is practical for the endocannabinoid system (ECS) present in our body. It consists of enormous cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system and the brain. Moreover, it reacts only to the cannabinoids derived from the plant-based.

ECS also responds with cannabinoids produced naturally in our system. When you use the oil, your body processes it and boosts the ECS effectively. IN turn, it helps to regulate our body functions in different ways.

  1. Helps with aches and pain

Most of them are not taking care of their feet, and they are not noticing the pain until they feel hurt. Feet pain affects our daily life and makes us irritated. CBD oil can work similar to eth non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and relieves the pain from the foot. It can treat other pain related to arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

The sensation of the pain is modulated by activating the neurotransmitter adenosine for its consumption again, and increasing the level of adenosine in the brain, thus inhibiting the sensation of pain in the affected areas. Cannabidiol blocks the place where it sends the signal of the pain and prevents reaching it to the processing centers in the brain.

In the brain, it binds to the TPRV1, which reduces pain and inflammation.

  1. Relieves Blisters

Blisters are one of the reasons to get feet to ache while standing for a long day. CBD has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It effectively removes blisters by applying CBD skin cream over the affected areas. It may heal the blister quickly.

  1. Prevents inflammation

CBD helps to prevent inflammation, and it occurs in the case of wearing high heels and standing for a long time. Rub the cream on your feet for some days, and may experience relief. Cannabidiol prevents oxidative stress and thereby reduces inflammation by promoting antioxidant effects. It also inhibits the reduction in zinc, and selenium, involved in balancing the immune response, and therefore, reduces the pain in the foot.

  1. Eases arthritis

Having arthritis also results in pain in the feet. It causes swelling and reduces mobility. It is caused by inflammation that the drug can treat.

  1. Boosts the immune response

CBD boosts the immune responses by reducing cytokines, which are pro-inflammatory molecules. It also stops the proliferation of T cells, which is responsible for causing autoimmune and systemic inflammatory disorders.

  1. Improves sleep and mood

If you are suffering from chronic pain not only affects daily life but also affects relationships, work place, and mental health. Wherever the pain occurs, it results in anxiety, stress, fatigue, and inadequate sleep affects the quality of life. CBD provides a good quality of sleep by using full-spectrum CBD.

CBD product selection depending upon your need

You have to select the product depending upon the type of pain you have, the effect you are expecting, whether you will get instant relief by taking orally or applying CBD, and the duration of the effect lasts, and you can select the administration route based on your preference whether through the oral, sublingual, vaping or topical application.

Orally you can use sprays, capsules, oils, and edibles; the sublingual method involves using the CBD oil or tinctures kept under the tongue for a few seconds, vaping by rolling a joint or using the vape pen, and the topical application represents the creams, lotions, salves, and ointments, which is applied directly to the affected areas.

Is CBD safe to use?

According to the World Health Organisation, CBD is safe to use. It is well-tolerated by the people and found to be effective in controlling chronic pain, epilepsy, depression, etc., without causing any side effects.


Standing for all day may result in severe pain in your feet. CBD offers promising effects in relieving pain. It helps to remove aches and make your feet feel happy, and now you can stand for so many hours without any fear of pain. If you have pain even after applying the CBD products, you should visit your physician.

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