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Campbell Kaylee Layton: Who Is Campbell Kaylee’s Husband? Also Explore Complete Information On Interview of Kaylee

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Do you want to know about Kaylee Cambell? Are you interested to know why she has been in the headline? If so, read the article till the end. The TikTok clip of Kaylee has been viral across the United States and CanadaMany people are sharing her video.

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Why is Kaylee in the Headlines?

Kaylee has been in the headlines for commenting on the Pride products for kids in the Target store in California. Target store is receiving many calls and complaints for boycotting the products with the theme of pride. As per sources, Kaylee is also one of those people who has spoken against the products that target kids. Since she has been talking against the products at the Target store, her social media accounts have been banned. Instagram has also banned her account for speaking up against the pride-themed products in the kid’s section. Many people are also trying to know about her HusbandRyan Leighton. But there are no other details about her husband. 

Interview of Kaylee

When Kaylee’s Tiktok video has gone viral across various social media platforms, she has been in the headlines. Although her social media accounts have been banned, she has promised to continue speaking against Target. In an interview, she said she would continue speaking against the pride-themed products in Target’s stores. As per sources, she has expressed her anguish for targeting kids with pride-themed products. She stated in the interview that she would never step back and continue raising her voice against these products. She said that the sentence “Take Pride” was written in some of the kids’ products.

Campbell Kaylee Layton   

Since she has spoken against the products in the Target store, many other people also gathered the courage to raise their voices against these products. Therefore, her Instagram account has been banned. But, she shifted her account and shared her clips commenting against the products. Her TikTok video received millions of views. She roamed in the store and checked the child section very well. Kaylee stated that no store employee approached her when she was making video-passing comments. Whatever happens, Kaylee has promised to raise her voice against these stores. She is also updating about these products on her various social media accounts. Like other issues, she has also addressed the issue of targeting the kids. Her TWITTER handle is flooded with her tweets, and her followers are also retweeting. 

How did Kaylee Expose Target?

Kaylee has aimed to expose the target for their Child Grooming Campaign. The brand started the campaign before the beginning of pride month. It has been reported that Target has become afraid of the backlashes from the people. The viral video of Kaylee also awakened the people. As per sources, later, Target promptly removed the pride products. Target decided to pull the Pride products before the beginning of the Pride month. Target spokesperson stated that Target has decided to pull the pride products after some of their employees received threats. Kaylee has been in the News for raising her voice against Target products.

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Kaylee Campbell Show

Kaylee Campbell hosts a popular show called What’s Your Point. It is a popular podcast where she addresses the social issues. Like the other issues, she has also addressed the issue associated with Target products. She has also tried to expose Target’s Child Grooming Campaign through her show. She has courageously spoken against Target and promised to continue raising her voice.

Steps Taken by Target

As per sources, due to backlashes, Target has decided to pull various pride products from some of its stores. Target had to decide promptly about the threats received by its employees. The show and the popular video of Campbell Kaylee Layton have also contributed to exposing the campaign.

Target’s CEO also wrote a letter to the employees stating that working in an uncomfortable situation is not an easy task. A Michigan University Professor of Economics stated that the response from Target is scary.

Social Media Accounts


Although Kaylee has raised her voice against the campaign, she has been upset about social media. Because her social media accounts have been banned. To know more, please visit the link 

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Campbell Kaylee Layton FAQs

Q1. What is the name of the show hosted by Kaylee?

What’s Your Point.

Q2. Which brand has been exposed by Kaylee?


Q3. Against what campaign has Kaylee raised her voice?

Child Grooming Campaign.

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