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Cameron Millen Funeral: Who Is He? How Does He Die? Find All Unknown Facts Now!

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Did you come across the death news of a 14-year-old boy? Who is Cameron Millen? How and when did the young boy pass away? How long ago he died? What is the Age of the young boy? 

We know that the readers are quite curious to answers all of the questions. Thus, know the details for this trending news of Australia here. Also, grab every detail on Cameron Millen Funeral in this blog.


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Know about Cameron’s Funeral!

Cameron Millen, a 14-year-old boy, recently died in a fatal accident. His friends and family gathered together for Cameron’s farewell at the Camden Civic Centre to say goodbye to the little boy. 

The tragic accident took place on 15th February 2023 before 3 p.m. He was hit by a bus while waiting for his mother to receive him from school. We have given links for social media below.

How Does Cameron die?

The young boy faced life-threatening injuries after being hit by a bus from the Macarthur Anglican School. The school authorities took the boy to Liverpool Hospital, but the hospital authorities declared him dead.

A media house named 10 News First Sydney shared the fatal accident news of Cameron Millen, stating the 14-year-old boy struck by a bus out of the Macarthur Anglican School is Cameron Millen.

Cameron Millen Obituary!

The school authorities shared the details of Cameron Millen’s death on their Facebook profile. After Cameron, many people wanted to know; Who Is Cameron Millen was and his details. The post shared by Macarthur Anglican School provides details about the young boy.  

Check Cameron’s family details!

  • Parents- Michelle Millen & Geoffrey Millen.
  • Sibling- Jared Millen (Older Brother).

Details on his affairs and marriage!

Cameron is just a young boy, 14 years old. Thus, he was unmarried and had no details about his girlfriends.

Know Cameron Millen’s Wiki!

Below table will provide the minimal wiki details of Cameron.

Real Name Cameron Millen.
Profession Student.
Date Of Birth 2008 (Exact date not known).
Birth Place Australia.
Marital Status Unmarried.
Died of Struck by Bus.
Age 14 years.

We have provided Cameron Millen Funeral details above the interested readers can go through them.

Cameron’s Nationality & more!

  • Nationality- Not Known.
  • Religion- Unavailable.
  • Ethnicity- Not stated.

Details on his Career & More!

  • Career- He was just a school-going student.
  • Early Life- Not Available.
  • School- Macarthur Anglican School.

Know about his Age & more!

  • Age- 14 years.
  • Died- 15/02/2023.
  • Birthday- Not Available.

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The news of Cameron Millen’s death is indeed tragic and shattering. Everybody, including his friends and family, paid their last respect to Cameron last Monday morning. Watch the video on Cameron Millen’s death for more clarity.

Cameron Millen Funeral-FAQs

Q1. Who is Cameron Millen?

AA young boy of 14 years old.

Q2. What happened to Cameron Millen?

Unfortunately. Cameron Millen died after he was struck by a bus near his school.

Q3. Which school does Cameron go to?

AHe used to go to Macarthur Anglican School.

Q4. Who was the bus driver behind the accident?

Police identified the bus driver as a lady named Penina Lopesi.

Q5. How old is the bus driver?

She is 54 years old.

Q6. Where is the bus driver now?

The bus is under the charge of the police as of now.

Q7. What charges did the bus driver face?

She is charged with negligence and dangerous driving causing/Occasioning death.

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