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Cambridge White Students Blocked: Is It Blocking Student? Is The News Real? Get Facts Now!

In this post, we will discuss Cambridge White Students Blocked, who can apply for the courses, and the new criteria for admission.  

Are you planning to pursue post-graduation from Cambridge University? If yes, this post is significant for you. The University recently planned to impose new rules and restrictions for particular groups and students. So, if you are planning to get admission to Cambridge, the United Kingdom, you must be concerned about these new rules for a while.

The University’sUniversity’s administration plans to impose certain new features, which is a matter of discussion. Thus, this post will shed light on the newly introduced rules in Cambridge White Students Blocked, so read it carefully till the end.


Disclaimer: All the information in this post is derived from the internet; thus, we are not responsible for any false information.

Is Cambridge University blocking white students?

Recently, Cambridge University was accused of being racial when it revealed that they plan to block white students from post-graduate students. Further, the University classified that they are looking forward to securing working-class white students, which is mainly designed for the underrepresented groups.

According to the University, the new Cambridge White Students Blocked in the post-graduation project. In this project, the students were offered free accommodation for six months on campus and a 35 hours intern’s wage for 35 hours per week when the students were training in research skills.

Who can apply for the Post-Graduation program at Cambridge University?

A report has been published in The Telegraph; according to that report, this post-graduation program will only entertain second and third-year undergraduate students. The program welcomed all the students across British Black, Black, Bangladeshi, British-Pakistani, Pakistani, and British-Bangladeshi who plan to continue their studies in 2024. 

However, it is for all non-white students studying at traditional research-intensive universities, but Cambridge White Students Blocked from applying.   

How are people reacting to this decision?  

Earlier, the post-graduation program was based on socioeconomic factors, and thus, only white students could apply for this program. As this initiative opens the door for all the students, many intelligent professors and people appreciate this decision.

According to the Cambridge lecturer, Dr James Orr, the idea was good. He said that opportunity must be given to all, and the admission opportunity must be based on merit, not ethnic background.  

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The Last Words

Now, Cambridge University plans to offer admission to all students regardless of social or racial background. Earlier, it only entertained white-working classes for post-graduation programs. However, this program will be starting in 2024

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Cambridge White Students Blocked– FAQs

Q1. Which group represents the most application in Cambridge for post-graduation programs?

Ans. The white students represent the most applicants in Cambridge for post-graduation programs.

Q2. How many percentages do white students represent in the University?

Ans. They represent 38.9 per cent of Cambridge University.

Q3. Which country has the second highest student enrollment in the University?

Ans. Chinese hold the second-highest number of students in the University.  

Q4. What position does India hold in the Cambridge university post-graduation admission program? 

Ans. Indian students hold the third position after White and Chinese students.  

Q5. Do Asian males and women entering higher studies increase or not?

Ans. Yes, the Asian males participating in higher studies increased by 26 per cent and women’s participation by 39 per cent.

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