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Calgary Trampede Video: Check Full Details On Calgary Trampede Shirt Video Viral On Reddit, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter

This post on Calgary Trampede Video will discuss all the important details related to the viral video of the Calgary Stampede event in July 2015.

Do you know about the video of the Calgary Trampede? Recently, a video about the Calgary Stampede event has surfaced on the internet. The people from Canada and the United States are curious and searching for more details related to the video. This post will discuss all the important details related to the Calgary Trampede Video, so we suggest all readers read this post until the end.


Why is the video of the Calgary Trampede trending?

Recently, a video from 2015 has been going viral on social media. The video shows a woman named Alexis Frulling being involved in intimate activities with two men. Many readers might wonder why we are explaining an incident that happened more than seven years ago. The video is Viral On Reddit. Well, currently the video is searched by many people, and people on the internet are very curious about the video. The reason for this curiosity is still unknown, but it could be because the video has recently surfaced on the internet after so many years. Besides this, there are no further details about the Calgary Trampede Shirt video because it was deleted soon after its release. Further, this article will discuss all the details related to the viral video.


We do not aim to promote explicit content through our posts. This article is just for informative purposes.

What happened in the viral video?

The video is from an event called Calgary Stampede in Canada. The Calgary Stampede event takes place every year in July. However, the 2015 event of the Calgary Stampede made headlines and shocked everyone on Telegram. The video was of a woman named Alexis Frulling. Reportedly, Alexis Frulling was involved in explicit activities with two men at the Calgary Stampede event. Someone recorded this incident and uploaded it on social media without her consent. According to some sources, it was revealed that the person recorded the video from an overlooking balcony. After the video went viral on social media like Instagram, Alexis posted a video named Trampede, where she said that she is not proud of her acts. This went viral on all sorts of media and was discussed everywhere. 

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Many people on the internet discussed the video on social media.




To conclude this post, we have provided all the details related to the trending Trampede video. Also, the incident explained in this article is over seven years old. Please visit this link to learn more about the viral video 

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Calgary Trampede Video – FAQs

Q1. What is the viral trampede video?

Answer: The trampede video shows a girl involved in intimate activities with two men.

Q2. How old is the Trampede video?

Answer: The Trampede video was more than seven years ago.

Q3. When was the video recorded?

Answer: The video was recorded during a Calgary Stampede event in July 2015.

Q4. Who was the girl in the Calgary Stampede Trampede video?

Answer: The girl in the video was Alexis Frulling.

Q5. Who recorded the video?

Answer: The video was recorded by someone from an overlooking balcony.

Q6. Were there any investigations for the case?

Answer: The police investigated the case because it was illegal to be in intimate activities in public places. Also, it was illegal to film without someone’s permission.

Q7. Is the video available on Youtube?

Answer: The video has been deleted from social media because it included explicit content.

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