Cakhia TV Cakhiatvhd .com Online Website Reviews

Cakhia TV Cakhiatvhd .com: What Are The Genuineness & Legitimacy? Find More!

This article discusses the details of Cakhia TV Cakhiatvhd .com to learn about its components and reviews and determine whether the portal is legit. 

Cakhia TV Cakhiatvhd .com  

Are you a football fan who loves watching football games in your free time? Are you searching for a specific platform where you can watch football games easily? Cakhia TV is a perfect choice to monitor daily domestic and international football games. This website is from Vietnam. 

In this post, we will learn the necessary information regarding Cakhia TV Cakhiatvhd .com and determine whether the website is authentic. Follow the article for further guidance. 

Brief understanding of Cakhia TV Cakhiatvhd .com  

Viewers often face many difficulties, like copyright infringement issues and quality issues, which affect the user experience. Cakhia TV claims to provide live streaming of the soccer matches, which happens domestically and internationally. The schedule of the games is on the site. It gives the live streaming of tournaments like:

  • Premier leagues
  • Series A
  • La Liga 
  • UEFA Champions League 
  • FIFA World Cup 
  • Bundesliga 

In short, Cakhia TV is a channel for Vietnamese people who love to watch football matches. The broadcast lacks advertisements with the best quality and commentary services. 

Is Cakhia TV a legitimate platform? 

Here are the details of the Cakhia TV Cakhiatvhd .com legitimacy factors to determine its trustworthiness :

  • Registration date: The site came into existence on 17th June 2011.
  • Website Popularity score: The site’s popularity ranking is zero, which is very suspicious. 
  • Trust Index: The trust index of Cakhia TV is 58.9%, which is a very average score. 
  • Cakhia TV Reviews: There are no reviews available for the online platform. 
  • Data safety: A valid HTTP connection protects the data of the website. 
  • Owner’s Details : The website does not disclose the Owner’s details. 
  • Proximity to suspicious websites scores: The proximity to suspicious websites score is 29/100.
  • Website Blacklisted status: The website is not a Blacklisting portal. 

Specific information about the Cakhia TV Cakhiatvhd .com portal :

  • Official URL:
  • Website name:
  • Address: Ward 5, District 6, 915 Lo Gom, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Contact info: 0906675885
  • Email address:

Advantages of Cakhia TV:

  • All the crucial information, like contact, Address, Email, etc., is on the official page. 
  • The life expectancy of the website is long. 
  • Provides high quality display and sound. 

Disadvantages of Cakhia TV: 

  • The developers of the site hide the owner’s identity. 
  • Links often get redirected to other platforms, or sometimes, they encounter copyright issues. 
  • Often encounters unknown glitch from other sources. 

What are the customer’s reviews on the website? 

So far, we have not discovered any reviews about Cakhia TV Cakhiatvhd .com, whether good or bad. Reviews are a very crucial factor in proving any website’s authenticity. Therefore, the lack of reviews makes the doubts about its legitimacy very prominent. Further, keep yourself protected from Credit card scams

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Although the portal has been operating long, its niche and services must be improved. It is unsafe to go for such services whose sources and services are not legit. So, we suggest the viewers opt for other ideal sites suitable for viewing. Stay safe from PayPal scamming tricks

Have you heard of the Cakhia TV Cakhiatvhd .com platform before? Please tell us in the comments. 

Disclaimer: This article is not promoting any specific links or websites. This content is purely for educative purposes for users based on internet research. 

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