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Cake Monster Crypto (Aug 2021) Price, Contract Address!

Here in this article, we will read about the cake monster defi protocol digital coin and the price details of Cake Monster Crypto.

Want to invest in NFT’S and various other digital currencies? Like the cake monster currency, then read this article very carefully if you are a resident of Australia, the Philippines, India, or the United States and want to spend your money by purchasing Cake Monster Crypto.

We must gather all the relevant details about the digital currency we are going to invest in. Knowing every detail of the digital currency and keeping some prior knowledge about the coin before investing gives us an upper hand better possibility of profits.

What Is Cake Monster Coin?

It is a new defi protocol digital currency that has been launched on the Binance Smart Chain. Like other meme coins, it is also a meme coin that is getting famous, and the starting supply of the Cake Monster Crypto is around ten billion Monsta coins.

The most important feature of this defi protocol is that it uses tax and increases and decreases the price of coins relatively. We can also purchase the most famous and valuable token from this defi protocol.

Founder of Cake Monster:

We have already read that this currency is a defi protocol, so now let us read about the founder of this currency. Unfortunately, there is no particular person behind the development of this coin, so there is no exact news about the founders of the digital currency. Now further, let us read about the price of this digital currency.

Cake Monster Crypto Coin Price and Market Data:

Today the price of this digital currency is 0.00370979 dollars, and it has approximately 1,159,180 USD value of Monsta coins. In its twenty-four hours trading volume, this coin also 5.9 billion coins of Monsta as the circulation supply and the total supply of around 9 billion coins. And we can use the pancake swap for the active exchange of this currency.

Market Data and Price Chart of Cake monster:

  • price of the coin- 0.00370979 USD
  • trading volume of the coin- 1,159,180 USD
  • market cap dominance of the coin- zero point zero %
  • volume or market cap- 0.0528dollars
  • market cap of Cake Monster Crypto21,962,656 USD
  • 24h high and 24h low of the coin- 0.00389215/0.00306435 USD
  • 7d low and 7d high of the coin- 0.00062199/0.00561759 USD
  • market cap rank of the coin- #789
  • highest of Cake monster- 0.005881149dollars
  • lowest of cake monster- 0.00020662dollars.

How To Buy Cake Monster Coin?

Here we have mentioned the step-by-step method of how you need to purchase this particular coin.

Step 1- first of all, set up your coin base account

Step 2: Make a purchase either in bitcoin or Ethereum.

Step 3- then, use either the BTC or ETH to buy the cake monster coin.

Step 4- you are all done, and now, after all these steps, start investing in Cake Monster Crypto.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1) do you know about the founder of cake monster’s digital currency?

Answer) there is no information available.

Q2) what is the exact price of the cake monster coin now?

Answer) the price of the cake monster coin is 0.003709979USD

Q3) what is the market cap rank of the coin?

Answer) the market cap rank of the coin is #789


This article will read about a digital currency related to the defi protocol, the cake monster digital coin. We have described all the major details related to the Cake Monster Crypto. Read here if you want to know about common cryptocurrency scams and how you can avoid them.

Do you know about defi protocol? If yes, then do share with us.

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