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Cac to PHP {Mar 2022} Coin Price, Chart, Prediction

This article provides you with all the information and price chart regarding Cosmic Ape Coins and its conversion from Cac to PHP.

Do you know about Raydium? It’s an automated market maker (AMM) and liquidity provider built on the Solana blockchain for the Serum decentralized exchange (DEX).

Raydium is a platform that provides on-chain liquidity to a central limit order book to convert cosmic ape Coin to PHP.

The Philippines invests in Cac to PHP as the top cryptocurrency exchange for trading in CAC (Cosmic Ape Coin) stock is currently Raydium.

Let’s gather all the information regarding this currency in the below section.

What is cosmic ape Coin (CAC)?

The top cryptocurrency exchange in Cosmic Ape Coins stock is Raydium. 

Raydium is an AMM that provides on-chair liquidity. It is deposited into radium to convert into limit orders which sit on serum’s order books.

However, Cosmic Ape Coins must follow the Raydium process to get Cac to PHP

Who Is the Founder?

  • AlphaRay works on the overall direction and development of Raydium.
  • XRay is Raydium’s Chief of Technology and designs all of Raydium’s systems.
  • Dev is the team leader.
  • GammaRay works on marketing and communications. He also plays a crucial role in strategy and product direction.

Uses of CAC token 

  • Staking to earn protocol fees
  • Staking to receive IDO allocations
  • Governance votes on protocol decisions

The price chart: CAC token

 Latest news about the price chart to reveal Cac to PHP

  • CAC Price:  ₱0.002052
  • Market Cap value: No data available
  • Trading Volume:  ₱329.43
  • Market cap Dominance: 0.00 %
  • Volume / Market Cap: No data available
  • Fully diluted market cap: ₱2,052,495.25
  • 24 hour Low/ 24 hour High: ₱0.00199/₱0.002055
  • 7 day Low /7 day High: ₱ 0.00199/ ₱ 0.00226
  • Price change in 24hrs: up 2.12 %
  • Market Cap Rank: #8313
  • All-time High value: ₱ 0.003565
  • All-time Low value: ₱ 0.001778
  • Circulating supply: Not Available.
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 CAC

Additionally, Raydium provides Cosmic Ape Coins. Hence, it needs conversion to PHP.

Price to convert Cac to PHP.

Currently, 1 CAC coin (Cosmic Ape Coins) in PHP (Philippine Peso) is as follow:

1 CAC = 0.0021 PHP

Hence, the selling price of 1 CAC will provide you up to 0.0021 PHP.

How To Buy Cosmic Ape Coins (CAC)?

Cosmic ape Coin is one of the rarest and most difficult tokens found on the Crypto platform. You can buy this product only through Raydium.

RAY is available on a growing number of exchanges with cryptocurrency and stable coin pairs currently available. The most liquid deals include Raydium.io itself, FTX.com, and gate.io.

You can exchange Cac to PHP through a trusted website and purchase this token to convert it to PHP.

Frequently asked questions?

Q1) What is the contract address of  Cosmic Ape Coins?

A1) E1s2muWwiLT2n3EQUL27hgviaPRRXWkpXD7ShpfgRvVz is the contract address od CAC

Q2) How to sell CAC withdraw money on visa or MasterCard?

A2) To sell or purchase Crypto or Fiat through Raydium 


This research provides the best information regarding this cryptocurrency from all the data we found on the internet. 

Though its graphical analysis created doubt to buy this currency, Cac to PHP had exponential growth of 2.12 %. 

So we recommend buying this product but not for the higher value as you can invest in this currency with your own beliefs.

Are you eager to explore more? Then follow the Twitter platform at the link. 

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You are free to write a comment and review regarding this currency in the comment section below. 

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