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Cabinet of Curiosities Autopsy: Check Cast, Comments on Reddit! Check Netflix the Outside episode!

Cabinet of Curiosities Autopsy post has enumerated details of the horror series that is getting appreciation from the audience.

Do you like watching horror movies and series and are searching for new series on the digital platform? Cabinet of Curiosities by Guillermo Del Toro premiered on Netflix on 25th October 2022 and won the hearts of audiences Worldwide. It is also getting positive ratings from fans on review sites.

The Cabinet of Curiosities Autopsy episode is being termed a masterpiece by viewers who have watched the whole series.


Horror Series Third Episode: The Autopsy

The Autopsy is the third episode of Cabinet of curiosities that contains a collection of literary pieces written by Oscar-winning filmmakers. There are eight episodes of the series, and each one is for around one hour.

The Autopsy is written by Michael Shea and directed by David Prior. Its story begins with Sherriff Nate Craven investigating the death of miners killed in a mysterious blast. A miner, Allen, blasted an object which possessed his body. Later on, Autopsy expert Winter was called to assist in the investigation.

Cabinet of Curiosities Autopsy Cast:

The Autopsy episode has three central characters, Sherriff Nate Craven, Doctor Carl Winters, and miners Joe Allen, along with a supporting star cast.

Sherriff Nate Craven – Glynn Turman, a veteran actor, played the character of Nate Craven and is known for his work in A Different World and The Wire.

Doctor Carl Winters – F Murray Abraham played the titular character of Autopsy expert and has a long career in both the television and film industry. 

Miner Joe Allen – Luke Roberts played the mysterious character Joe Allen, also known as Eddie Sykes.

Cabinet of Curiosities Autopsy Reddit comments are also in favor of the third episode, and most of the users have praised its concept. They believed that a movie on this concept would work well, and people would find it difficult to watch it alone out of fear.  

Fourth Episode: The Outside 

  • “The Outside” is the fourth episode of Cabinet of Curiosities series and was released on 26th October with The Autopsy.
  • The story is based on the webcomic written by Emily Carroll and is directed by Ana Lily Amirpour.
  • Stacey is the central character of Cabinet of Curiosities the Outside episode, who tries to look beautiful by using the popular lotion Alo Glow and murders her husband.
  • IMDB has given it a rating of 6.2 with a three-star from 3715 votes.

Final verdict:

The latest released horror series is getting all the praise for the content and fine work done by the actor and people associated with the project. The Autopsy appears to be the audience’s favorite, but people call this series a masterclass 

Have you watched “The Autopsy” episode of cabinet of Curiosities? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Cabinet of Curiosities Autopsy: FAQs

Q1.  Which platform has released the horror series Cabinet of Curiosities?

“Cabinet of Curiosities” was released on the Netflix platform on 25th October.

Q2  Which episode of Cabinet of Curiosities is getting the audience’s attention?

The third episode of this series, The Autopsy, is topping the list of fans.

Q3. Who played the character of Doctor Karl Winters?

Actor F Murray Abraham plays Karl winters character.

Q4. How has IMDB rated The Autopsy?

IMDB has given an 8 rating to this episode with 4 stars from 4300 votes.

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