C98 Coin Nedir 2021.

C98 Coin Nedir (July 2021) Get The Useful Information!

C98 Coin Nedir (July 2021) Get The Useful Information! >> This article will let you know about the currency swap platform that supports 20+ blockchain networks.

Have you checked C98 Coin? The cryptocurrency industry includes concepts like token swap, wallet facility, and staking for user ease. Sometimes it is difficult for the user to switch between currencies and ecosystems. People across the world, including Turkey, are talking about the unique feature of the C98 Coin. Do you also want to know C98 Coin Nedir? Firstly, let’s see what it is?

Know in brief C98 Coin?

C98 is Binance’s 20th Launchpad project through which it is trying to fulfill the growing demand of the Decentralized Finance industry. It enables the user for multi-currency swap facility between multiple networks, including Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, etc. The native token C98 is an important feature of the Coin98 ecosystem.

Today Coin98 supports all features like cross-chain swaps, earn, stake, borrow, and invest with crypto at ease. It is all in one Decentralized Finance ecosystem where users can access 20+ different blockchains. Want to know more about C98 Coin Nedir? Let us see, C98 Coin price Chart first.

C98 Coin price Chart:

  • Coin98 price- USD 1.45
  • 24 Hours Low- USD 0.71
  • 24 Hours High- USD 1.45
  • Volume- USD 659,298,000
  • MarketCap- USD 267,425,000
  • Available Supply- C98 185,000,000
  • MarketCap Rank- #2547

Prediction Statistics of Coin98.

The current price of Coin98 is USD 1.45. The 24-hours trading volume is USD 659,298,000. So far, the price change of C98 is not available for the past seven days.

Till July 23, 2021, the C98 token is in the distribution phase, and trading will begin after the sale. So, we can’t tell you C98 Coin Nedir price prediction and statistics, and we have not find the data of the price from authentic sources. As per record, the change in the price of C98 Coin in the past 24hrs is +104.43%.

Where can you purchase Coin98?

Just like other cryptocurrencies, you cannot purchase Coin98 directly with fiat money. Instead, you will first need to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin from a large exchange such as Binance Exchange and transfer to C98 Coin-trading exchange. The official website of C98 is Coin98.com.

C98 Coin Nedir- what are people saying about it?

So far, we have discussed C98 Coinit is difficult to say what people are saying about C98. But people are interested in the unique bridge solution that is capable of unlocking cross-chain support. Day by day, people are increasing interest in cross-chain swaps and DeFi solutions. Also, it is easier for users to access their profiles without sharing their private keys.

Coin 98 wallet and exchange feature can be one of the game-changer as it is one of the few platforms that support more than 20 blockchains networks. Check here for more information.


In the discussion of C98 Coin Nedirwe have seen Coin98 is all in one platform that aims to fulfill the industry’s demand. And become a gateway bridging DiFi services on multiple blockchain platforms. As we have seen, previous launches on Binance Launchpad have seen massive success in raising liquidity. So, we hope the same goes with Coin 98.

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