Buy Tiger King Price 2021.

Buy Tiger King Price (July) Prediction, Contract Address

Buy Tiger King Price (July) Prediction, Contract Address >> You can read this blog to know a meme Crypto that is inspired by the famous document series. Know its price, total supply, market cap, and much more.   

Have you watched Netflix’s famous document series ‘Tiger King’- now it has been converted into a Cryptocurrency; meanwhile, it has garnered fame in different countries like the United States, India, etc.

After several tweets and memes, the coin is now showing a high price and got the endorsement by one of the popular social influencers. So let’s put light on this coin and learn how anyone can Buy Tiger King Price

Overview of Tiger King Coin:

$TKING is a popular meme Crypto launched recently in this year and designated based on Ethereum Blockchain. According to the promotional news, this coin claims to be an official Crypto of ‘Tiger King’ docuseries that was aired in 2020 March. Furthermore, according to different Crypto exchange platforms, it is one of the ‘Deflationary’ meme coins available on Ethereum.

The official website explained that the coin will be going into the ‘FullStream’ marketing experience that no Crypto has ever experienced. Let’s learn about it more-

Who is the owner of Tiger King Crypto?

During our research on ‘Buy Tiger King Price,’ we got the chance to know it deeply; we found its official website, which describes this Crypto precisely. The Crypto resembles the great docuseries ‘Tiger King,’ and Joe Exotic (real name is Joseph Allen Maldonado Passage) is the maker and owner of $TKING.


  • Price: As per the top exchange platform, the latest price is 0.00004862 US Dollars
  • Market Cap: As of now, no data is available online.
  • Total Supply: Till 9th July 2021, the entire supply amount is 10,000,000,000 $TKING.
  • Circulating Supply: As of now, the data is unavailable on the internet.
  • Market Rank: While searching ‘Buy Tiger King Price,’ we observed it has ranked on the market- 2558.
  • Price Change: According to current data, 0.00003006$ price change has been seen.
  • Market Dominance: Not available.
  • Fully Diluted Market-Cap: Till 9th July 2021, it is 525,114.89$, which is decreased by around 20%
  • Trading Volume: Till the data, the trading volume has increased by 144.93%- 12,968,745.57$.
  • Lowest Price (In last 24 hrs): The latest lowest price in 24 hrs is 0.00001868$
  • Highest Price (In last 24 hrs): The latest highest price in 24 hrs is 0.00007164$.

Buy Tiger King Price-Overview of Buying Process:

Step 1: Obtain Metamask. You can install it via computer by visiting and adding this extension, setting up the virtual wallet, or accessing the Metamask application by iOS or Android device.

Step 2: In case you already have a wallet like Coinbase, Trustwallet, or Binance- transfer the Ether to Metamask, or you can purchase Ether via Metamask wallet.

Step 3: According to its official site, the next step is to link your Metamask wallet to Uuniswap for easy swapping Ether to obtain $TKING.

Note: While you swap Ether to receive $TKING, set the slippage to around 5 percent.

$TKING Price Prediction:

While finding the ‘Buy Tiger King Price’ we noticed that expert’s prediction on $TKING. According to them the price will be in 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, & 2025 0.0000791558$, 0.0000909654$, 0.0001091246$, 0.0001347373$, & 0.0001606864$ respectively. 


  • Is $TKING safe for investing?

Ans- The price prediction is optimistic; therefore, it is safe.

  • What is the Contract Address of $TKING?

Ans- It is 0xc626d951eff8e421448074bd2ad7805c6d585793.

The Bottomline:

$TKING has become one of the trendiest Crypto since July, and people from various countries like the United Kingdom are trading massively. Here you read all the latest information about it, but still, you check details here on Tiger King crypto  for more updates. 

We hope we solved your queries about ‘Buy Tiger King Price.’ Now you can read What You Must Know Before Investing In The Cryptocurrency

Have you swapped Ether for Tiger King Coin?

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