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Bullying Com Faca Video: Explore Full Details On Portal Zacarias Clip

What does Bullying com Faca Video mean? Is this video available on Portal Zacarias? Why are people trying to search for the keywords? 

What is Bullying com Faca Video? What are the details about this Bullying video? Is this video violent? Why is this video disturbing yet trending on the internet? What is Portal Zacarias? People from Brazil are interested to know about the recent bullying video. Let us read the details about it in this article. 

Bullying com Faca Video

Recently, a video has been going where a weapon has attacked a man at a public place. The video was only available on Portal Zacarias. Although, the video seemed to be more than a year old. But people are still searching for it. The video was uploaded on the portal on 16th July 2022. 

That video went viral on WhatsApp and on other social media applications, too. In the video, a man died in the attack. There were 2 groups of men in a scuffle at a public place. Everyone around was petrified and running around here and there. 

Bullying Portal Zacarias & More 

On the Portal Zacarias, there are a lot of videos related to bullying and violence. But, when the primary keyword of this article was searched, the video about a fight in the mall appeared in the search. Thus, we decided to discuss the details of that particular incident because the word knife is known as ‘Faca’ in Portuguese.  

On the website, there are a lot of videos available with Faca Word. Surprisingly enough, they have provided all the videos on their websites even though the videos were violent and distressing. 

Bullying Com Faca Portal Zacarias

In the video, two men were fighting, and one had a weapon in his hand. Although, he was not trying to attack openly with the weapon. He was just trying to petrify the opponent. The incident happened inside a shopping mall. There was a lot of public presence at the scene. Thus, someone recorded a proper video. 

There were two men with the man who had a weapon. And the opponent had only one man with him. At first, the man can be seen putting his weapon away. But, suddenly, the second man from the opponent came running at him, and he flashed a weapon around his neck. 

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What Happened in the Bullying Portal Zacarias video?

After the sudden attack, the man thought it was just a slight cut on his neck. Thus, he put his hand around his neck to check it. But soon, he started to bleed heavily, and his body started shaking a lot. He fell to the ground and died on the spot. Everyone available there came running to him, and the video ended there. It was such an unfortunate end for someone’s life. The video went viral on 14 July 2022. It looked like the fight had been completed initially. But, it took a wrong turn. 


In today’s article, we have discussed Bullying Com Faca Portal Zacarias an alarming incident that happened in July 2022. Although the incident is more than a year old, it is still trending on social media. In the fight between two groups, a man died with a deep cut from a weapon. The incident happened in a mall, but the location is not known. Click here and know all the details about ‘Bullying.’

Have you watched the Portal Zacarias video? Please comment below and tell us your reaction.

Disclaimer: The video has disturbing content; thus, we have not provided it. 

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