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Bukit Batok Maid Suicide: Check Full Information On Woman Death At Blk 104

We delivered the Bukit Batok Maid Suicide article, which happened at Blk 104 Bukit Batok Central. And also the woman’s Death at Blk 104 in this article.

Bukit Batok Maid Suicide!

Who is Bukit Batok? What happened to Bukit Batok maid? Bukit Batok’s maid was found hanging the kitchen window outside and pronounced dead. The Civil Defence Force of Singapore retrieved the body using safety ropes. Read Bukit Batok Maid Suicide article to know the cause of the maid’s death and more.

Bukit Batok Maid Death

On September 25, 2023, a woman was found dead in the HDB unit of Bukit Batok. The woman definitely died at the spot at around 6.20 a.m. The woman’s body was hanging from the kitchen window outside. 

SCDF – Civil Defence Force officers rescued the body using the safety ropes and secured it. The incident happened in Blk 104 Bukit Batok Central

Bukit Batok Incident

The woman was found dead, and the body was hanging Bukit Batok outside the HDB flat, noticeably dead. The lady was spot dead. Police departments are not suspicious of foul play after primary investigations.

Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officers shared the woman’s dead body retrieving viral video. That video shows how they recovered the body using safety ropes. The shocking incident happened in Bukit Batok Blk 104.

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Bukit Batok Central – Shocking Event

The Woman, a 29-year-old Bukit Batok maid, was found hanging from the kitchen window of the Bukit Batok Central block 104 HDB unit. The SCDF informed the news and received an alert regarding the shocking incident. It happened on 25th September Monday, around morning 6:25 a.m. The lady was found dead, hanging her neck outside the third-floor kitchen window of Block 104, a residential unit of Bukit Batok Central. 

Bukit Batok Death

The day started and made the area quiet in Bukit Batok Central. Nevertheless, it rapidly took a very grey and dark when people tripped upon an upsetting scene outside their windows. A woman’s death and lifeless body were found hanging on a kitchen window outside of a third-floor unit. 

The Civil Defence Force department and SCDF officers punctually responded to the agony call. Online shared pictures and videos emerged showing the SCDF trying to remove the woman’s dead body from the window outside.

Blk 104 Bukit Batok Central

The dreadful incident happened in the Bukit Batok Central news spread quickly online. The woman’s death and the pictures swiftly spread to identify her. The post received many comments with the hint that the lady may be the domestic helper.

The information only fired and increased the curiosity of the online users. Most of them tried to collect the information together to solve the shocking puzzle.

The Police Investigation

The City Police Department Force confirmed the horrible incident of Bukit Batok Blk 104 and mentioned that the woman of a 29-year-old was dead. Police force classified the event as not a natural death and did not suspect any foul play. The police investigation of the maid’s death in Bukit Batok is in progress.

SCDF personnel shared the video trying to cut the hanging rope of the lady. Netizens are circulating the video and commenting their online condolences to the domestic helper’s family.

The content in the article is for the reader’s informative purpose only. 


The 29-year-old Woman, the domestic helper, was found dead outside the kitchen window. The shocking incident happened on the third floor of Bukit Batok Central HDB unit 104. Click here for more updated information.

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