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As the summer season approaches in the United States from mid of June, people get ready to spend time outdoors in the evening. However, there is a common problem that everyone faces. It is about the mosquitoes spoiling your enjoyment while you try to have dinner or a casual get-to-gather while playing music or sharing spooky stories! 

Do you want to take care of mosquitoes with the help of Bug Zappers? Then, let’s check about Bug Bulb Scam.


What are Bug Bulb Zappers?

Bug Bulb Zappers are mini devices that emit UV light with the help of UV LED bulbs that attract mosquitoes. The tube emitting UV light has an electric coil around it with little space enough to give high voltage shock to flying insects, killing them on the spot.


Insect zappers have been used for decades. The only difference was in their size. You may have seen a commercial-grade zapper in restaurants with tube lights emitting blue UV light. It is used to trap and kill houseflies. 

Bug Bulb Reviews of its effectiveness:

The effectiveness of the Bug Bulb Zapper depends upon the following:

  • Area of coverage,
  • The angle of coverage,
  • The wavelength of UV light,
  • Testing results,
  • Safety features,
  • Water resistance,
  • Easy to clean,
  • Durability,
  • Portability,
  • Battery life, Etc.
  • The Bug Bulbs are considered a scam as the UV light is less effective in bright indoor/outdoor lighting.
  • The wavelength of UV light is less powerful and covers a small area.
  • Most of the zappers do not cover the upper and the lower areas due to the placement of UV LEDs.
  • Most of the zapper websites used unreliable/unauthentic internal review system giving rise to Bug Bulb Scam. But, top and powerful zappers gained 4.9/5-star ratings. 
  • Testing results show mosquitoes near the Zapper get attracted, trapped, and killed. But, it does not affect all the mosquitoes in the area.
  • The zappers are placed inside a plastic grid that prevents shock to humans.
  • It is water resistant as it may be used outdoors during show or shower, which also makes it easy to clean by washing it under tap water.

Brand and popularity:

BugBulb is a generic name used by hundreds of manufacturers, including Boundery ZappMax, Bug Bulb, Mosquitron, BlitzyBug, Buggwatch, LightBite, BuzzBlast, Fuze Bug, ElectriZap, Dorikabite, Zap Ninja, Etc., making Bug Bulb Scam a rumour.


Bug Bulb Zappers are designed to be mostly used outdoors during evening and night as mosquitoes are concentrated in green areas, in the back yard, patio, or in a camp, Etc. Hence, Bug Bulb Zappers have a hook to hang them.

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Bug Bulb zappers are possibly a scam due to low effectiveness. Bug Bulb Zappers are marketed extensively as they yield more profits. A Zapper is offered between $39 to $59. However, five pieces are offered at $19.99, indicating enormous profit per Zapper. People get looted under Bug Bulb Scam due to high claims made by zapper companies.

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Bug Bulb Scam – FAQ

1Q. What is the dual utility mode in the Zapper?

Some zappers have additional bright LED lights to light-up surrounding space, some even feature a radio and MP3 player. 

2Q. How does a zapper work?

They have an inbuilt battery that can be charged using a mobile USB charger. 

3Q. How much is the operating time of a zapper?

On a single charge, the UV LED plus the normal LED work for up to 14-hrs; on single mode, it can work for up to 20-hrs.

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