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Buffed Shiba Coin {Nov 2021} Market Supply, How To Buy?

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Can we buy Buffed a Shiba token? Is Buffed Shiba a cryptocurrency? How to buy this cryptocurrency? From where to buy this currency?

While most of the world is still wondering what cryptocurrency is, some people have already made their fortune. However, the question that remains unanswered for many people is how to get cryptocurrency. This digital currency is taking investment places by storm everywhere, including Indonesia. There are many crypto token options. One of them is a Buffed Shiba Coin.

What is Buffed Shiba?

Buffed is a cryptocurrency available in the markets. It is a token inspired by Shiba Inu. The Buffed token is based on the ERC-20 standard protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a decentralized platform where investors can buy and sell Buffed tokens.

It is also available in multiple crypto markets like BSCScan, Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Chart, and more. It is a community-driven project where token investors can get involved in the development of the project. The leading network is available on the ethereum blockchain and can be accessed by anyone. 

To know more, read the write-up of Buffed Shiba Coin.

Who is the founder of Buffed Shiba?

Info regarding Buffed Shiba’s founder is not available. The coin is newly launched in the market. Therefore, there is not much information available on the founder of the team behind this token. 

The coin is going to be a part of the crypto project. We hope to see the currency be highly beneficial for all crypto users. The coin is listed on a few exchanges.

Price Of Buffed Coin

The price is not available. A total of 284 holder addresses were found, and 1690 transfers were made. The market cap is $ 79,204. The launch date for Buffed Shiba Coin is 2nd November 2021. 

The total supply in the token market is 1000,000,000,000, and a total of 50% is burned.

More Details

100% of the token in supply is distributed to the investors. No private holding of the token with 100% liquidity. They are also preparing to launch the utility tokens too. The coins are Auto Liquid, Anti whale, Deflationary, and Community-driven.

Transfer fee structure; the break-up of 10% is as follows:

  1. 5% Liquidity fee
  2. 1% Burn fee
  3. 4% Marketing fee

They also provide meme contests every week within the community. In addition, they have a solid social media presence.

How to buy Buffed Shiba Coin? A perfect guide with Trustwallet

  1. To buy it, open your Binance account. 
  2. Link your wallet with the trustwallet.
  3. Buy bitcoin for the value you want to hold Buffed coins.
  4. Now, open the pancake swap to swap it into another token.
  5. Then link your metamask wallet with trustwallet.
  6. After that, change your bitcoin into a Buffed Shiba token.


  1. What is the price of this token?

The market price of the token is not available.

  1. What is the transfer fee structure?

The break is as follows:

  • 4% marketing fee
  • Liquidity fee
  • 1% Burn fee
  1. Is there any official website for Buffed Shiba Coin

Yes, the official website of the token is available  

Final Verdict

This coin was very recently launched. Thus it is very fluctuating. The market for this coin in Indonesia is not adequately developed yet. We have to wait for a few months to see the growth chart of this coin to judge whether it is worthy or not.

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Click this link to visit the Wikipedia page of the cryptocurrency and learn more  

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