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Btrst Price (Sep 2021) Prediction, Chart & How To Buy?

This article helps readers know the Btrst Price prediction, statistics, and analytical data to discover its profitability potential for long-term investment.

Braintrust is the initial decentralized talent network in the world. BTRST token represents its governance and ownership in the Braintrust Network. 

This crypto coin is utilized to reward its community for referring clients and creating a decentralized network.

Users across the United States and worldwide may redeem these crypto tokens for exclusive rewards explicitly created for the community of Braintrust. However, you must check the Btrst Price before deciding to deal with it to get rewarded.

What is the BTRST token?

The world’s first decentralized talent network, Braintrust or BTRST, authorized knowledge workers, connecting competent with the world’s most successful enterprises.

The people who use Braintrust to look for work are the same ones who build and own it. It ensures that the network constantly serves the requirements of its consumers rather than a centralized business.

New jobs and talent participate in the network quickly due to the community of knowledgeable workforce. Besides, the contributors earn Braintrust’s control and ownership by its native BTRST crypto token.

Who founded Braintrust?

Serial entrepreneurs Gabriel Luna-Osasteski and Adam Jackson founded Braintrust.

Btrst Price chart:

  • Price- $ 37.49
  • 24 Hours low- $ 9.81 
  • 24 Hours High- $ 47.85
  • 24 Hours Volume- $ 91 611 705 
  • All-time High-
  • All-time Low-
  • Volume/ Market Cap- 0.1476
  • Market Cap- $ 620 873 802
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap- $ 9 338 264 904
  • Circulating Supply- 16 560 446.83 BTRST
  • Maximum Supply- 250 000 000
  • Market Rank- #2685
  • Contract Address- 0x799ebfabe77a6e34311eeee9825190b9ece32824

Braintrust Price Prediction and Statics:

The current price of BTRST is about $ 37.49 with approximately $ 91 611 705 trading volume in the last 24 hours without any changes during this period. Its ranking is #2685 and maximum supply of 250 000 000 000 Btrst Price with non-availability of live market cap and circulating supply. 

Is the BTRST token a good investment?

Braintrust has more than 50 000 community members with project contributors and knowledgeable workers around the world. Global enterprises, such as Nike, Goldman Sachs, Atlassian, Porsche, and Nestle, utilize it.

The private sale of BTRST coins is about 22 percent and 52 percent for the community. Besides, around 19 percent is distributed to the team, and 5 percent is for public sale.

The total tokens for sale are about 12 500 000 Btrst Price with non-availability of total raised and total sale in percentage. This new platform will help you hold 100% of your income.

Braintrust to USD conversion rate:

  • 1 Braintrust = 35. 61USD
  • 2 Braintrust = 71.22 USD
  • 3 Braintrust = 106.82 USD
  • 4 Braintrust = 142.43 USD
  • 5 Braintrust = 178.04 USD
  • 10 Braintrust = 356.07 USD
  • 20 Braintrust = 712.14 USD
  • 50 Braintrust = 1780.35 USD
  • 100 Braintrust = 3560.69 USD

How to buy a BTRST token?

If you want to buy BTRST coins, you can choose the current leading exchanges, such as DODO, 1inch Exchange, Uniswap (V3), BKEX, and Coinbase Exchange.

The contract address for Btrst Price is 0x799ebfabe77a6e34311eeee9825190b9ece32824 that you may use to trade Braintrust.

What are the FAQs?

Q-What is the all-time high of the BTRST coin?

  1. The all-time high of the BTRST coin is around $ 47.85.

Q- What is the all-time low of the BTRST coin? 

  • The all-time low of the BTRST coin is about $ 9.91. Read here to know the complete details about the BTRST token. 


Braintrust aims to change working jobs for the best as it is controlled by the users and the talent by BTRST crypto token.

You can make more money through Btrst Price as this platform has no membership cost or talent fee. Additionally, check out the facts about What Is The Future Of Cryptocurrency in 2021.

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