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Btb Savage Killed Video: Who Is Btb Savage? How Did He Get Killed? Check Full Details On Btb Savage Killed Footage From Reddit, And Twitter

This write-up on Btb Savage Killed Video will briefly explain the viral news; follow the article.

Do you know who BTB Savage was? What happened to BTB Savage? Who killed the rapper? If you are trying to locate any details on Btb Savage Killed Video, this article is for you. In this article, we will explain the details of a rapper’s unfortunate killing in the United States. People are disturbed after the incident.


How Did BTB Savage Got Killed?

On 30th, March, Thursday police reported that a man in his vehicle had been shot dead in Huston’s River Oak. In their statement, police said that a young dark-skinned man had been killed, and the crime scene dictates that the gun fires were targeted and hit. They also stated, ‘ in the past 12 months, only one such crime has been reported in that area.’ Now, on social media, people claim that Btb Savage Killed in Houston. Everyone is convinced that the victim is BTB Savage. But the police have not identified the victim yet. 

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Robbery at BTB Savage’s Apartment

A few days ago, a robbery occurred at the young rapper’s Alamo City house, where he resides with his girlfriend and son. BTB Savage explained the incident in an interview with DJ Vlad’s YouTube channel. The interview video was thirty minutes long and posted on 26th March. 

He explained how two men tried to rob them on the pretext of recording a song with him. According to him, he knew the younger men, but he was accompanied by an older man who later asked him to hand over his jewellery. The Btb Savage Reddit and robbery interview video has over a million views. In the scuffle, the older man who first started firing at the rapper got killed by a gunshot by BTB. His partner fled from the scene. 

More Details About Interview

The rapper was also shot in the arm, and he, along with his son and girlfriend, went to the hospital, leaving the other man who was shot, and the man died. BTB Savage bragged about killing that man and described the attempted robbery scene. He also posted a photo of him standing in his apartment where the scuffle occurred, just 24 hours before Btb Savage Killed Twitter news went viral. 


An upcoming rapper, BTB Savage, was allegedly killed in a gun attack on 30th March in Houston. The footage of the crime scene is going viral, and although the police say the victim’s identity is unclear, people are convinced that it is BTB Savage lying in the car. Recently, BTB faced a robber at his apartment, and he killed the potential thief in a scuffle. For more details on robbery, click here

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Updates on Btb Savage Video Twitter: FAQs

Q1. What happened to BTB Savage?

A1. He has been allegedly killed in a gun attack in Houston.

Q2. Who was BTB Savage?

A2. BTB was a young and rising rapper.

Q3. What do police say?

A3. They said the gunshots were targeted and hit, but the victim was unidentified.

Q4. What happened with the rapper recently?

A4. Recently, an attempted robbery happened at BTB’s apartment. The situation escalated, and one of two potential thieves died at the scene.

Q5. Is there any footage of BTB’s death going viral?

A5. Yes, Btb Savage Killed Footage captured by someone who passed through the River Oak area has gone viral.

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