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This post about Btb Savage Crime Scene Video informs readers about the incident that shook social networks and his fans.

Is BTB Savage’s footage circulating online? What did BTB Savage face? Days after sharing a picture of a robbery incident, a Houston rap artist was killed, as claimed in the circulated video clip.

Regardless of the sensitive circumstances of the scenario together, internet users from the United States and other global places have only voiced dismay and made offensive memes. Although the brief video is sensitive, it is shared on many social networks. So, let us check about what is shown in Btb Savage Crime Scene Video through this review.



Instead of defending the events and incidents happening around the globe, we urge audiences to discover more about them.

What is shown in the crime scene video of BTB Savage?

The rap artist BTB Savage was murdered on Thursday, March 31, 2023, night in Houston, River Oaks, Houston. As reported by sources, Savage joked about slaying his adversary the day before his demise. 

Since then, a film documenting the rapper’s crime scene has become widespread on Twitter, REddit, etc. A slain corpse on the ground that is thought to be the rapper’s corpse is apparent in the brief Btb Savage Crime Scene Twitter.

What did BTB Savage recently post on social networks?

BTB Savage flaunted his wristwatch on social media hours before he was murdered. He was standing close to a kitchen covered in dried blood. The performer was additionally observed with a cast on his arm. According to reports, the home had blood on it from a burglary. He posted the image to Twitter with the caption, “Too much motion.”

However, law enforcement officials are still investigating whether or not the picture of the dry blood proved to be the final moments of BTB Savage.

Was BTB Savage’s body shown in the viral Btb Savage Video Reddit?

A recent video on Twitter, Reddit, and other networks, went viral on social media, claiming that it was BTB Savage’s corpse seen on the floor. Users may recognize a white Mercedes Benz stopped by the roadside in the circulated images and brief video. 

Additionally, there were numerous gunshots in the car. Also visible in the footage were a police vehicle and policemen. A body draped and laying on the floor was also visible.

Several contend that a gun assault killed the musician. According to Swisherpost, two unknown gunmen opened fire on the rap artist and his car after a Subaru pulled up after the rap artist’s car, as shown in Btb Savage Crime Scene Video.

Facts of BTB Savage:

BTB Savage was born in Cleveland and has had a rap career in his dreams ever since he was in school. Savage’s financial situation ultimately led to his enlistment in the service. After being freed, he was interested in music and began working diligently to produce his record.

Quick Wiki:

  • Real name- Brian Thompson
  • Stage name- BTB Savage
  • Date of birth- unknown
  • Birthplace- USA
  • Religion- Christianity

Social media links:


BTB Savage, the rap artist, was recently killed due to an attack on him. However, the police had not made any details about the shooting public. The incident terrified internet users.

Did you find it hard to accept that the rap artist had passed? Share your views about the artist’s death.

Btb Savage Crime Scene VideoFAQs

Q1. Who was BTB Savage?

Rap artist

Q2. What was the last statement by BTB Savage?

BTB Savage recently made a death statement about his enemy a few hours before his demise.

Q3. Who killed BTB Savage?

The accused for BTB Savage’s killing is not revealed.

Q4. What was the net worth of BTB Savage?

Approximately 150,000 USD

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