Bscs to PHP 2021.

Bscs to PHP (July) Chart, How to Buy? Contract Address

Bscs to PHP (July) Chart, How to Buy? Contract Address >> The write-up shares relevant facts about the leading digital coin. Do read it before thinking of investing in crypto-currency.

Across the Philippines and United Arab Emirates, Bsc station digital coin has been in a common discussion among crypto enthusiasts.

Also, it is found that citizens are willing to get an idea of Bscs To PHP. To help out investors in letting them know about it this time, we had come up with the post citing the details of BSCS Crypto Coin.

The citation will help readers to find the latest Price data and statistics of the concerned digital coin. So let’s find out all those below.

What Is Bscs Crypto Coin?

Bsc station Coin (BSCS) is an emerging Crypto Coin backed by Decentralized finance and NFTs in the Binance Smart Chain. 

Thus this token aims at providing maximum benefits to the consumers and institutions by creating itself over the most popular and proven blockchain platform.

Before investing, make sure you are well known for the value of Bscs To PHP and then continue trading it on the supporting platforms.

About Founder of Bscs Crypto Token:

While some of the individuals want to be aware of the founder’s name of the token, so we found out that Scofield is known for launching Bscs Coin. In addition, he has been a researcher in the field of block chain and got to study Defi and NFTs products through applying the knowledge of block chain technology.

Market Overview Of BSC Station:

  • Rank: 577
  • Market Capital: $5,234.34K
  • Volume (24h): $1,479.04K
  • Available Supply: $36.90M
  • 24h change: 2.92%

Bscs to PHP:

  • Price: 7.55 PHP 
  • Market Cap: 293,579,500 PHP
  • 24h trading volume: 186,917,942 PHP 
  • Circulating Supply: 38,866,314 PHP 
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 

Bscs Token Value Live Data:

The live market value of this coin is $0.142967. The trading volume for twenty-four-hour of is USD 3,60,113. Bsc station has increased by 4.51% in the previous twenty-four-hour.

The latest Coin market cap ranking of it is #1035. The live market capital of the token is $5,276,042.

How to Buy Bscs Crypto Coin?

  • The steps listed down will help let you get familiar with the steps of buying the Bsc station token. Ensure that you know Bscs To PHP Value beforehand.
  • BSCS is available and live on the Binance mainnet platform 
  • You must ensure to have ETH (Ethereum) or BTC (bitcoin) beforehand in your wallet to cover up the transaction expense that will be incurred in buying bscs Coin
  • One may also use Binance or Tether for the transaction 
  • Have your wallet address linked to the PancakeSwap exchange decentralized platform 
  • Now, one can easily trade Bscs Crypto Coin 
  • The current top exchange platform for Bscs Coin is, PancakeSwap, ZT, Bilaxy, and MEXC.


  1. Mention The Contract address of Bscs To PHP 

Ans. 0xbcb24afb019be7e93ea9c43b7e22bb55d5b7f45d

  1. What’s the circulating supply data of this token?

Ans. 36,903,908.00 Bscs 

  1. What’s the market cap/ volume of this coin?

Ans. 0.6899

  1. Give the data of the fully diluted market cap of bscs Coin.

Ans. $70,454,599

For more details visit official website 


The BSCS Coin is well known digital currency among Crypto investors. The Coin aims at the development of NFTs Products and provides sustainable growth of the Bscs Coin platform. Thus this aim of the Coin has tried to collect more of its investors in recent days.

Bscs To PHP price and other essential data are displayed in the post above, which will eventually help the Philippines’ citizens get the value of this coin in the Philippine peso.

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