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Brown Jeremy Funeral: Want to Check Full Video Funeral Chicago? How Death Occurred Carlisha Hood? Find Mississippi Family Details Here!

This post discusses the recent controversial video circulating online of the Jeremy Brown shooting and details related to the Brown Jeremy Funeral.

Have you heard about the recent controversial shooting videos in discussion nowadays? Are you aware of the recent updates on the case and know more about it? If not, we will provide you with the necessary headings about the event’s happenings and aftermath of the shooting. These kinds of incidents have become a regular occurrence in the United States as the cases of shootings and violence are growing tremendously.

Check out the below post details carefully to understand more about the incident and learn about the details of Brown Jeremy Funeral. Stay tuned to be more informed about the case.


Disclaimer: We write this post based on internet research. This post is only written for informative purposes. We do not intend to support or promote any particular person or viral links through this content. We also do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings through this article. 

Where were Jeremy Brown’s Funeral services organized? 

There are no updates regarding the funeral arrangements of Jeremy Brown of Chicago, but it is very likely to be announced soon. People are searching for information about Funeral Chicago and related information about the incident. Jeremy Brown’s obituary is also not available on online sources yet. The reference links are attached below for an elaborate view of the case. 

What is the cause of death of Jeremy Brown? 

As per the sources, the incident happened on 18th June 2023 when the mother, 35  and son, 14, arrived at the restaurant at Maxwell Street, Chicago. The mother entered the restaurant, and the son remained in the car. Shortly after that, Jeremy Brown and his girlfriend arrived at the restaurant. As per the surveillance, Video, Carlishia Hood and Jeremy got into an argument while waiting in line. 

The argument soon turned physical, and Jeremy started assaulting them when Jeremy hit Hood in her head. After that, Carlishia called her her son inside with the gun. The identity of her son is not revealed because of privacy issues. 

Detailed information about the Jeremy Brown shooting 

As the son arrived at the scene and saw his mother assaulted, he shot Jeremy in the back, after which Jeremy fled. The minor’s mother, Carlisha Hood, encouraged her son to pursue Jeremy and continue shooting. The son followed the mother’s directions and continued shooting at him until he died. 

When the Police arrived at the scene, the mother and son fled the scene, and the Police started investigating the case. The mother-son duo surrendered themselves to the Police on 21st June 2023.

What are the Charges pressed against Carlishia Hood? 

As per the statement of Chicago County Police, the mother was initially charged with murder charges post the Jeremy Brown Death. Carlisha was charged with aiding his minor son’s delinquency and encouraging him to shoot. However, the news sources later revealed that the murder charges against the duo were dropped. As per the video and physical evidence, the act was committed in self-defence, and the gun was also in legal possession by Hood. The Cook County State Attorney’s Office released an Official statement that, based on the evidence and facts of the case, we cannot prosecute these cases. 

Is the video available on online platforms? 

Yes, the Full Video of the incident has been trending on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc.

Jeremy Brown Mississippi Wiki :

  • Name : Jeremy Roc Brown 
  • Age : 28
  • Date of birth: 1994
  • Date of death : 25th March 2023
  • Profession : Corporate job 
  • Height : 5’9
  • Wife : Kadejah Michelle Brown
  • Children : 2

Jeremy Brown Chicago Wiki :

  • Name : Jeremy Brown 
  • Age : 32
  • Date of birth : Unknown 
  • Occupation : Unknown 
  • Date of death : 18th June 2023.
  • Wife : Unmarried 
  • Kids : 2
  • Mother : Cheryl Brown

Who was Jeremy Brown? 

Jeremy has his mother, Cheryl Brown as a Family; he also has twin daughters who celebrated their birthdays on 16th June. Jeremy Brown was a 32-year-old Chicago-based man. He was unmarried at his death but was in a relationship. 

What are the other similar shooting cases?

The other similar kind of shooting has taken place recently also. Michelle shot the husband of popular American social media influencer Kadejah Michelle Brown. As per the reports, it was a tragic case of domestic violence. The couple got into an argument during the Facebook live-streaming, and Michelle shot and killed her husband during the argument. The incident was reported to the local authorities, and Kadejah was arrested from Mississippi, Lowndes County. This incident happened on 25th March 2023.

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Final Summary 

It is necessary to point out that no suspect is a culprit until proven otherwise. Both the cases mentioned above are under investigation or terminated after a thorough investigation. So, people are requested to respect the authority’s decision and believe in fair and just treatment of all. 

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Brown Jeremy Funeral: FAQs

Q1. Who was Jeremy Brown? 

Jeremy Brown, 32, was one of the customers at the takeout restaurant in Chicago who came along with his girlfriend. 

Q2. When did both shooting incidents occur?

The Chicago incident happened around 11 at night on 18th June 2023, and the Mississippi incident on 25th March 2023.

Q3. What does Carlisha Hood do for a living? 

Carlisha is currently working as a notary public in Chicago. She also worked as a credit expert, landlord, professional tax preparer and consultant. 

Q4. When did the Jeremy Brown Funeral Mississippi was held? 

The funeral of Jeremy Brown is held on 8th April 2023 in North Columbus, Mississippi, at M. B Friendship Church at 2 in the afternoon. 

Q5. Is this the first-time offence of Carlisha Hood and her son? 

Yes, both the mother and son are first-time offenders. So the act committed by the son was counted as self-defence. 

Q6. What are the similarities between the two cases of Chicago and Mississippi?

First of all, both the cases involved the same name person Jeremy Brown, and the other similarity was shooting.

Q7. What is the public reaction to both viral shooting incidents?

The public is outraged about the spread of such violent acts on public platforms and highly condemns them and their easier availability online. 

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